Yay! My Njoy will arrive on Wednesday!

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Ok it IS goofy to post this. But I am so excited that my Njoy will arrive on Wednesday.
I am surrounded by non-smokers. None of them can relate to my excitement.

I am a 20 year "analog" cig smoker. I can never seem to stop. I have tried every method known to man or woman including chantix The reports of depression and extreme emotional disturbance are true. My experience with Chantix was great. Until my prescription ran out. My let down period was bad enough I went back to smoking.

I dont have an real illusion that I will be able to get of the by stepping down my nico levels with the e-cig. But I do hope I find it enjoyable enough to drop the nasty cigs! My son, especially, would be over joyed.

The Njoy was my birthday present to myself.|||haha that’s funny cause my bday is in a couple days, and I ordered my njoy just a couple days ago knowing I’ll be getting money from a few people on my bday, which I’ll use to pay for the njoy. So it’s basically a bday present for me aswell |||Congratulations to both of you. Best of luck quitting and staying off. The e-cig just might be the greatest thing ever invented to help us stay off regular cigarettes — and if we stay off long enough, we won’t want to go back.

BTW: I did a course of Chantix and it did NOTHING except burn my stomach for two hours and make me want to puke not long after I swallowed it. I have since come to the conclusion that Chantix is poison. It is supposed to block your brain’s receptors but I think it screws up your brain — big time. I think it kills good brain cells, with different people showing different effects. We’re just starting to learn how dangerous it is. I wouldn’t recommend Chantix to my worst enemy.|||I am sitting here with my NJoy and I am not sure what to think.
There is less vapor than I expected. The taste is OK and about every 6th puff is a decent hit.
I know the NJoy prevents the vaporizer from working if too many puffs have taken place in a short amount of time. So this might be part of the issue. But I certainly dont get the clouds of vapor shown on the .

any suggestions?|||quirky,
I’m on my 13th day of my 1st ecig experience with a NJoy.
I was so frustrated when I started using it out of the box that I went out and bought 2 packs of cigarettes. And I had not smoked on my own in 5 days. i began thinking this was all a hoax.
I suspect there really is a "break-in period" for the ecig itself in addition to a period of one learning and adjusting to the relationship betw the recharging and use of the cartridges.
I do tend to believe that the cartridges I ordered from myecigs enhanced the amount of vapor I experienced. However, I’m not sure of this yet.
Being on my 13th day of using NJoy I have not been tempted to go out and buy a pack of cigarettes.
AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT FOR ME!!!|||Thank you Cindy.
I suspect there is break in period. I notice that there is a difference in how much vapor I get depending on how I draw.
I think my batteries are charged enough. I got my NJoy at work and had several hours to charge each .

I will keep milking this cow until I at least get my moneys worth ||| Hang in there!|||Part of that break in period may be the reservoir of liquid in the . I noticed this when I got a mini from http://www.smuke.eu .

It came with the filled with flavorless liquid. So I was getting great vapor, but no taste. I could drip, and get a slight , but got nothing from the cartridge itself. It took a night of smoking before I had fully cleared the flavorless liquid.

So, if you can’t taste anything, or if you aren’t getting a nic hit, off a new , give it time. You may just need to burn through the factory goop in the .|||My first puff off this thing was pretty funny.
When my cig arrived I knew I would have to charge the batteries so I hurried to plug one in.
Now my job isnt the sort of place I can mess around for long. But I thought I would take a test puff off the other (still dead ) just to experience it.
So I took a drag and low and behold a cloud of vapor poured out. I was so startled I shouted "Oh!". Little did I know, one of the ladies in the office was just a foot from my desk. She witnessed the whole thing.

Bless her innocent heart - she never even asked what I was doing.|||Last night at UPS I had an odd idle moment waiting on the load line, so I ducked into one of the trucks for a quick "smoke." My immediate sup knows about my e-cig, and it’s ok, but I have to be discrete to avoid giving others the wrong impression. And it’s just more fun "sneaking" a hit, anyway.

So anyway, I ducked into the back of one of the trucks, took a couple puffs to prime it, then took a looong drag. And just as I exhale, whoops, the driver walks into the truck to check his load, right through the cloud of "smoke!" BUSTED! He just gave me a funny look, like, did I just see what I thought I saw, and waved as I got off the truck. Leaford, I love reading your posts - most of them make me smile.

I still feel quilty even though I no longer smoke regular cigs. I find myself holding my breath if I just took a drag when someone walks into my office. I just know one day I will take a drag and some attorney or judge will walk in just as I am exhaling. I will have some explaining to do, I’m sure.

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