Whats really inside your e cig n battery..

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for this to make any sense u have to know how small an AAA is.. the picture is bigger than reality..

the top one is a standad lithium AAA cell rated at 350 mah…

the bottom one is whats really inside your e cig when a saw is put thru the tube and the actual removed.. its rating.. well.. anyones guess..

take note it isnt very big… in fact its very small.. but its the real inside the much larger white tube u think is the ..

this one is out of a 901 generic..

trog|||Cool, that’s pretty tiny!

Gives the lie to anyone who says e-cigs aren’t hi-tech…..|||what u think is the .. what really is the ..

hi tech or wasted space.. take your pick.. he he

trog|||If they squeezed in two instead of one it might last bloody longer|||Was going to do this myself once one of my first batch of ecig components failed, good job… Can you tear the atomiser to bits as well |||can someone try taking the fake ash cap of the top and see if they can dismantle a chamber that way. i will as soon as one of my dies but all four are in order at the moment..trog, you find anything else of interest inside apart from the LED? just padding or what?|||there is empty space.. the pressure switch lives in the as well plus the very small chip (circuit board) that does the clever things.. flashing the light and stopping the being run down too flat or over charged..

okay the real problem is trying to bung all this inside the cigarette sized device.. make a sized device in the same way and the problems would vanish..

but they know the pubic want something that looks like a cigarette so thats what the public gets..

are all very similar.. the weak spot seems the absorbent stuff wrapped around the heater coil.. it turns into a black lump of none absorbent of coal after xxx number of puffs..

that particular 901 mini was a very good for its size its run time came close to the bigger AAA .. sadly they aint all that good thow.. some have only half the run time that one had..

have a read.. note how the discharge rate affects the batteries life span.. its given a C rating.. our little chaps have a 5 C discharge rate.. the chart only goes up to three..


trog|||the important bit.. note the red line.. a mini is being discharged at 5 C

trog|||Just another comparison pic for you all..

The bit to the left is the LED and Circuit board… The bit on the right is about half of the little pressure switch that is activated when you suck on your e-cig.


Ps. Ill be pulling at least one apart in the next few days…|||what is that one phil.. a 901.. or the pen.. ??

ahh.. its the pen.. bigger than the 901..

its shame we cant bung a 901 on a pen .. he he

phill see if u can find out exactly what the stuff is that coats the heater coil.. is it just wick like material.. ??

trogActually with a little bit of soldering skills you could modify the pen to fit the 901… You just need to pop the threaded part off of each and swap them.. The aluminum tube that the sits in is the same size… I may try that when I get more of the ’s in

PhilOhh I gorgot to ask how does the or other superminis get their air?

Better use that trick only when the batteries are running low

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