What about rain?

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by disposables on the November 3rd, 2008

Does anyone know what happens to e-cigs when they get caught in heavy rain? I can’t imagine it can be good for them.

Ordinary tobacco cigarettes tend to get wet and soggy and fall to bits - I can’t see that happening to e-cigs but I wouldn’t have thought water would be good for them?

Spider|||a little rain shouldnt hurt it mate…just dont go swimming with it in your mouth…

if youre worried about rain,just wrap your hand around it while you smoke it so its protected,or stick it in your pocket.|||Good point! I’ll try to avoid swimming with it! :-)|||Surfing also. Probably best not to surf while esmoking. Hope we don’t lose too many members because of this! |||I wouldn’t shower with it either.|||Have you not seen the of this fat guy smoking his e-cig in a shower? I kid you not! He’s not running water over this face while puffing, but says a real advantage of e-smoking is puffing while showering. (No, I don’t have a link saved — and I never want to see that sight again.)

Our problems will be solved after I perfect my amphibious model.|||I saw that

To this day I’m still trying to unsee it.

Nah it was funny though.

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