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UPDATE: Warning, warning, warning!!!

Okay. I’m afraid my good opinion of Johnson Creek Smoke has changed. Please understand that my problems with Johnson Creek Smoke is from my own personal experience and that of my twin sister’s. You may not develop the same problems as we have had with the JC ruining our .

This past week I have been using the eJuice from Johnson Creek quite extensively in the evenings after a long, hard day at work, where I continuously eVape all day long on the "kick-butt" , and I have preferred to switch over to something lighter in the evenings.

My sister, on the other hand, drips like crazy because she is more into the and scents of JC than she is into the "throat Kick/hit" since she is a nonsmoker and does not inhale. For the past couple of weeks, she has been using strictly JC throughout the day and into the evening.

We purchase primarily Sedansa Divas. The atomizers are built to withstand a lot of abuse, so this year I’ve only returned, I believe, one or two atomizers out of 25 that I’ve purchased thus far for family and friends. I am still using the same Sedansa that I purchased in January. I’ve dropped it numerous times, overdripped in it, and overheated it once with a bad , yet it keeps on puffing.

I was convinced that the Sedansa Diva atomizers were impossible to destroy or lessen in vapor-production quality. Well, I was wrong. Every one of my sisters Diva’s (7) are no longer working to her satisfaction, producing very little vapor, if any, regardless if she has a fresh cartridge and or not. Some of her Diva atomizers date back to the early months of this year as well. Several of her Diva batteries are no longer working to capacity or have quit working altogether in the past week after using JC exclusively over this two-week period.

Then all of a sudden, my brand-new (only a few days old) PureSmoker pen-style dropped dead tonight. I was using the PureSmoker primarily this past week in order to "break it in" and JC exclusively into its . I do not mix my e-liquids in any particular eSmoking device. A couple of my Diva atomizers that I was using with JC no longer give me that "throat kick/hit" like they used to before I started using JC . Blowing it out of one side, then the other side of the doesn’t even seem to help. In fact, hardly any liquid comes out when I try to clear the . It might have leaked down into the , perhaps.

I always have my batteries and atomizers labeled by brand (if not already imprinted on the device) and also which it has in it. Usually I have anywhere from 7 to 9 e-cigs primed and ready to go at any one time each day. This way I don’t overheat them from my constant puffing, and it gives each one a rest as I go on to the next e-cig.

Since my sister dripped a whole lot longer than I did and over a longer period of time (all day/night) than I did (evenings only), most of my atomizers still seem to be okay. I am now back to strictly using e-liquids from e-cig.com, ePUFFER.com, freesmoke.eu, Jane’s "stuff," and soon Jason/Pillbox’s Totally Wicked.

So I just wanted to put a warning out there about the possibility of the JC becoming a problem. I am hoping that this is not the case and that each of you can continue to enjoy the wonderful and scents that Christian has to offer at such a great price. I am also hoping that this is an isolated event that has only affected my sister and me.

By the way, Steve/PureSmoker has very graciously offered to send me a new even though it was not his fault. Again, great customer service and very professional.
|||Knocks out my atomizers within an hour or so.. Even brand new ones. I tossed the i had. Makes my supermini atomizers taste like metal and makes my teeth feel like im chewing tinfoil. It was non pg artic mint the new filtered batch i believe. Within an hour very very hard draw and almost no vapor. Tried cleaning with every method still wont get rid of the bad bad taste or improve vapor. I know for sure i did not overheat them at all. I made sure i was not overheating after my first experience. I had an that was kick butt and working great for 3 weeks, two drops just to see if maybe the other three atomizers where bad from the factory, well it died after 4 puffs, same metal taste. I use janes liquid and some of puresmokers liquid on the way. Just my experience, not trying to knock any single product. After all this forum is here to communicate this kinda stuff right|||are you talking about latest "generation" of JC?|||yes mine was the new high filtered batch|||Hi SteveO,

Had you recently purchased the JC Smoke ? I had ordered some sample packs and they haven’t arrived yet, wasn’t sure whether to use them or not!|||Yeah, I just tried the new filtered stuff, and about lost another 901 . It clogged up, going from a super vapor producer to a wimp, and an easy draw to a hard suck.

Looking closely at the sample size bottles, although it’s much clearer, there’s still a small layer of sediment at the bottom.

Still, I’m doubting whether it’s the particulates. There doesn’t seem like there’s enough of it to cause so much effect so quickly. I’m wondering if it’s the fluid itself, maybe the flavorings. Whatever. I’m thinking it’s time to get a refund.|||Hey jcp,

Honestly i cant say to use it or not. That will be all up to you. Maybe it was the maybe it was me. I am not endorsing the product or dissing it. I was simply replying with my personal experience with the product. There is alot of threads and post on this forum with both positive and negative results. I am pretty sure by now you have seen alot of them. In the end i would say if you have a spare laying around then go ahead and try it. The more people the better right. Jc does have a full money back guarantee so you cant really lose much for trying it. Let everyone know how you do after you get it

Ps.. Hey leaford maybe you should do a on JC||| |||Vafvaf,

I reported this back at the end of august. Mac called me out in public saying its impossible because he spent a ton on new filtration stuff. Then right after that everyone started speaking out. Now he has dissapeared from the forums except to announce new product. Makes you think huh||| i wont be using JC , specially with all the negative comments about it, i’m sure they outweigh the good ones. I do have a bottle of it mind but i only dilute it for a seasoning to regular carts and in very low quantity. I wouldn’t dream of using it neat after all the negative feedback it got.

I’m gonna try pillbox38’s totally wicked liquid i think, heard nothing but praise about that and the guy seems totally commited to it. Pillbox also listens to what the customer wants and acts upon it, like flavours and strengths he’s even gonna do childproof caps.Hmm. Interesting. Perhaps he will still supply the report and the list of ingredients once he reads this thread.

Christian??? McFann???Not trying to start anything, really, with all due Respect,

but I am curious, what do you use in your e-cigs now? and did they show you all, or any of the information you asked for from Mac?

Being cautious I can fully understand, thats what this forum is here for, so we can exchange information on these products, since they are so new.

Edit* Kate posted while I was typing, I will read that. The asked for documents, I would read, but just didnt think was neccesary.Unfortunately, I did not think to get the non-pg formula. And, yes, I got it straight from JC.

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