The United States study found that smoking increased risk of suffering from Psoriasis

Posted in Health Tips by Ruyan E-Cigarette on the February 13th, 2007

According to foreign on the 30th, a new study shows that smokers have higher risk of suffering from psoriasis. American researchers found that people who suffer from deeper addiction, can get a higher risk of skin diseases. But only after such people quit smoking 20 years, then become normal. The published in the “American Journal of Medicine” also found that smokers suffering from psoriasis, whose symptoms more serious. They think that may be the smog toxic affect the immune system of psoriasis part. In the United Kingdom, when the skin so fast to profile and replacement occurs, then the skin psoriasis affects more than 100 million people. Previous studies have reported the association between smoking and psoriasis, but could not ascertain whether smoking start earlier than such skin diseases occurred. Researchers reported that comparing with non-smokers, female smokers who smoked in the past have the risk rate of 37% suffering from psoriasis. And now female smokers have the risk rate of 78% suffering from psoriasis. The longer smoking the higher risk of suffering from psoriasis. Dr. Hyon Choi who leaded this study say that those suffering from psoriasis provide a clear motivation to quit smoking. He added that can through reduce the level of circulating immune cells then to reduce the body of the smoke-induced inflammation. Gladys - Edwards added: “It has always been our recommendation that psoriasis patients should make comprehensive smoking cessation programs to help them to improve the situation of psoriasis. The study shows that there are strong link between smoking and the risk of suffering from psoriasis, and this will undoubtedly benefit for future studies. “

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