Thailand to ban e-cigs

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BANGKOK, June 13 (TNA) 聳 Public Health Minister Chaiya Sasomsab ordered a study on information of electronic cigarettes to find measures to prevent importing e-cigarettes to Thailand because existing law doesn’t cover the new product.

The e- cigarette consists of a cartridge, an , and a rechargeable . It doesn’t contain tobacco but it has , glycol, a chemical used in a fog machine, and fruity taste. Each cartridge is the equivalent of 15 conventional cigarettes.

The public health minister said that although e-cigarettes don’t emit smoke, they pose harm to smokers with the level of higher than found in conventional cigarettes.

He ordered the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a study of e-cigarettes and to discuss with agencies concerned to draw out preventive measures.

Mr. Chaiya said the target group of this new product is young people as they are eager to try a new thing.

He added that the intake of is approximately 50 microgrammes for each inhalation. The substance can cause harm to heart and blood vessels.

The level of in blood as high as 25-50 nanogrammes per millilitre can increase a risk of having Ischemic heart disease (IHD). (TNA)|||Wow, and I had the impression they were a very liberal country.|||Hmmm lets just hope that other countries don’t decide to follow suit! Was thinking of taking a trip to Thailand in the near future, would that mean I wouldn’t be able to take my own device into the country?|||preventative measures makes me think that they just want to find any way possible to get rid of them. I like the fact that since they don’t know enough they are scared of them.

Some day soon i think this attitude might show it’s ugly head here.|||After reading it, I want to know where they get THEIR cartridges with more than a cigarette. The New Zealand report confirms by lab test that a high 16mg liquid produces half the of a normal cigarette inhalation. No liquid on the market today for e-smoking produces as much or more than your basic Marlboro drag.

Now I’m off to pick up where Hunter Thompson left us after his suicide. I’m penning "Fear and Loathing in E-Smoke Land". Other volumes under way: The Old Man and the ; E-Smoker in the Rye; Little E-Puffer on the Prairie; and still more that I’m not ready to announce yet … |||Crap, there go my retirement plans. I was gonna become the Thailand distributer! :x

Seriously, this sucks. But you know, as little as they enforce things like driving without helmets, or, hell, driving on the wrong side of the road, well, I dont think they’ll be confiscating my e-ciggie.

And damn; 50MG per inhalation? WTF? How do we send these yahoos copies of the official analysis?|||double post||| |||Hey leaford, I don’t like correcting people but you seem like a nice guy and I just wanna save you from a stress related heart attack! lol TB’s post said it was 50 microgrammes not milligrammes, so that works out (on the basis of 15 puffs per cig) at about 0.75mg which is a lot weaker than the average cig so, either way they’re wrong about there bein more !

Phil.|||Cindy: Thompson, may his troubled soul rest in peace, put Gonzo Journalism on the map with a Fear and Loathing series of articles/books. He smoked what looked like a pen style e-cig, but was a real cig in a holder! Anyhow, what we have today is "fear and loathing" of all things smoking, real or e-maginary. So, to follow his lead, someone has to write "Fear and Loathing in E-Smoke Land."

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