Tastes like metal

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by ruyanchina on the November 6th, 2008

My now tastes like metal when i smoke through it, it also smells pretty bad. What does this mean and is there a way to fix it?|||Like Metal

It may have just gone through a cleaning cycle, although, I have never had a metal/nickel type taste before so I have zero idea.

I’m assuming a topped off/filled cartridge with a new ?

Is she still smoking ok?|||Yea still works, I blew threw it from the Led side, i heard that cleans it. Saw some smoke come out then it started tasting bad. Maybe its like you said, it just went threw a cleaning cycle.||| |||If you didn’t blow htrough it too long, the taste and smell should dissipate shortly- just puff without inhaling for a 1/2 hour or so, that should be neough time- it should also work better too after the short cleaning you just gave it by blowing htoruhg it|||Sounds dry to me, let the soak in and cycle through a bit, or if you have , put a couple drops in it and let it soak into the mesh.

It should go away eather way you go.|||thanks for the help.
I blew threw it untill some smoke came out. No longer than 10 seconds. Then when it started tasting bad i cleaned it out with warm water and now its sitting upside down draining.|||Soulja- when I blow through mine, I don’t do so more than about 4-5 seconds & it is just enough to give a slight bad taste which diminishes quickly. 10 seconds may be too long- just blow htrough it until ya see a stream oif vapor, and keep it going for abotu 4 seconds.

Be sure ot blow hte water out and let it drain for a bit|||ive gotten a metallic taste from ecigs a few times-not always after cleaning cycles…and with the ecig primed and good to go…

im not sure what causes this…but its unpleasant when it happens.||| generally- unless the fiber in the coil is fried- but if it’s still smoking, then it should be alright and the taste will go awaythe paint comes off some when boiled but otherwise it dosnt hurt them..

my current method of cleaning is a blast with my air compressor set at about 20 psi.. he he he..

my idea of a really good clean would be a ten minute boil then a quick air compressor blast.. but then again i aint bought into the expensive guarantee system and dont mind killing the odd one..

i cant say as i have had what i would describe as metallic taste from any thow..

mine start off nice with very wet top up then get more "burnt" like as the fluid gets used.. it follows a pretty standard pattern.. i blow my 901s out cos they get harder to suck thru.. good job i aint used any JC fluid else i might blame that… he he


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