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I’m vaping 16mg cartridges at the moment that came with my new ecig. The cartridges make my throat dry, I guess that’s glycol but they also taste scratchy and tickle/irritate my throat. The uncomfortable feeling sometimes moves down my oesophagus and feels like heartburn or acid indigestion, only higher up.

It doesn’t happen to me when I vape all day with veg glycerine and low nic/low pg mix, so I guess it’s to do with the composition of the in the cartridges. I’ve only used the cartridges with my new atomiser though so I suppose it’s possible that the atomiser has something to do with it. To be honest I find that hard to believe, unless it’s at a different temperature and that’s making a difference to the composition of the vapour.

I’m thinking the scratchy/tickley/irritating sensation is to do with , glycol or it’s a mild sensitivity to something else in the cartridge.

Does anyone know what causes this? Even if you don’t know for sure I’d be interested in opinions and educated guesses. Ta. |||Hi Kate

Off the wall guess here, but it could have something to do with the new atomiser. I suspect the manufacturers prime new atomisers with a different preparation of PG than we get in the carts or from liquid. That might account for this.

Emp||| |||what’s the make and model kate?
ps. how are those flavours working out?|||Thanks for your ideas folks, you’ve given me something to think about.

It’s a classic DC, I’m not sure which flavours are causing problems or if it’s them all, I haven’t been paying enough attention so far and have got my cartridges mixed up. I tried one of each of the four new flavour cartridges I have and then got them mixed up on my desk and can’t tell which is which at the moment.

Luckily I have only one working for the for now so I’m forced to have a break from the cartridges while it charges.

I have oriental, RY4, mint and marlboro. I quite like them all although I’m not as keen on tobacco flavours as I used to be. The oriental is my favourite ready made flavour so far. I don’t usually like mint flavours much but the mint cartridge is mild and I like it. I can see why RY4 is so popular, it’s a good ’smoke’, seems cigarette like to me. The marlboro is ok but nothing special.

I’ll pay attention to which flavours affect my throat and let you know if it’s specific ones or all of them.

As Emp says though, it might be to do with the atomiser. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now so I’m not sure that the factory prime liquid will still be on it.

Jag, bless you my son. I’ll specially watch out for the marlboro. Thanks.|||yeah, never used a so i cant comment. kind of reminds me of when i first started e-toking though. about the flavs, sorry i was talking about those bickfords type you got from the states. cant remember the name now. something farm. you still using them much?|||It’s the LorAnn candy flavours from Barry Farm that you’re thinking of. Yes, I’m still using them in my diy mix and think they’re great. I’ve only tried four flavours so far and have discovered that pralines and cream is totally dreamy. They are much better flavours than the standard food flavours I’ve tried, very concentrated, except for the coconut flavour, that’s not a strong taste. I don’t think they’re clogging my atomisers either.

To continue on the thread, I’ve just remembered that when I vaped high nic generic cartridges they irritated my throat too. I stopped using them neat and squeezed them to dilute in my home made . They were from my early days with a generic penstyle. That’s why I’m not sure my problem is to do with or the atomiser, I’ve had it before.|||i think its just an effect of the fluid.. i have had the normal dry mouth thing.. i think every one gets that.. a nasty cough from fluid and only fluid.. plus the dry scratchy back of the throat thing.. my voice alters as well.. its like its connected with the voice box.. this seems connected with excessive vapour intake.. which in my case is normal.. i get thru 2 ml per day..

this stuff isnt entirely benign.. it irritates the throat.. my eldest son also get the scratchy throat thing at times..

oddly the dry mouth syndrome seems not to happen any more.. just the scratchy throat thing..

an odd way of describing it.. but its as good as any..

trog|||Really amazing how different the impact is on different people. I never had any issues with , Kick or JC . Not a dry throat or anything else, but with the Marlboro cartridges low and zero i got the symptoms.|||If you get those symptoms with low and zero nic then it’s not the Jag. Was the JC you tried non-pg? To have a specific reaction to marlboro suggests that it’s one of the flavouring ingredients used.

Thanks for your perspective Trog. I guess you permanently use high nic glycol ? Have you ever tried non-pg stuff? What flavour do you usually use, it’s not marlboro by any chance?

I have no trouble with my own mix, that’s mostly vg, low nic and LorAnn flavours. I have a feeling that it might be a problem with glycol for me. I’m not usually irritated by in this way. Maybe it’s a low level irritant for some of us. I don’t know yet if it’s the marboro flavour, I’ll try to keep track of what I’m vaping. What I should do is try my home mix into my to rule out it being an atomiser problem. I’m a bit reluctant to drip it at the moment with it being so new, maybe later.Hi Kate, I am not sure if it was PG or VG since ordering cartridges most times will not give you a choice. Sometimes I thought it was VG because of the late taste like frying oil. I guess it must be one of the ingredients for the which is causing it for me and I am sure there is a bunch in (lactic acid with what else etc). Is your getting really hot when you smoke? It could also be a chemical reaction which only happens above a certain temperature.

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