Ruyan E-Cigarette V8 Review

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by nicotine on the October 31st, 2008

Ok, after a mishap with a no name mini e-cig I thought it was about time to get serious. I purchased a V8 from EBay (100% Positive Feedback/ Powerseller) with 50 extra cartridges for about 250 USD shipped.

It came four days later and I have to say that I am quite impressed. I will get pictures of the product up if I can and the whole will be based on my experiences with the mini e-cig (the only thing I can compare the to).

The measures at a whopping 15.5cm long (A Nintendo Wii Remote is shorter by about .5cm)! While the mini e-cig measures 11.5cm long. However the for the is longer by about 2cm and has much better life compared to the mini e-cig (I can go through a whole day with the on one ).

The is about 1.5cm longer than the mini e-cig but the smoke produced is much more plentiful, thicker, and more fulfilling.

The cartidge for the has white cotton compared to the brownish cotton from the mini e-cig (quality of the ?). The ’s smoke tastes less sweet and has a bit of a chocolate to it.

I somehow have a sneaking suspicion that the is near identical (if not the same) as the NJoy SJ has reviewed earlier. I will post pictures when I can for you guys to judge!

Great Product I give it 5/5. I am now a firm supporter of e-smoking and am going to have a couple drags on campus tomorrow in between classes, I’ll post the results afterwards! If there are any questions, please feel free to ask!|||Thanks a lot for that Lami,

250$ though… ouch!

SJ|||It came with 50 cartridges, and as of the date of the … I have only had to change one cartridge out. It still smoke very well with quite a lot of smoke. I am now a firm believer of these e-smoking!|||Fantastic stuff Lami,

Are you managing to stay off tobacco entirely?

SJ|||I have severely decreased the amount of cigarettes (from half a pack to nearly a full pack of Marlboro Lights to about 2-3 at the most). The main problem that I have is whenever I have been drinking. The vapor from the e-cig just doesn’t compare to that of a normal cigarette. Another problem is that I just sick and tired of sitting inside all day, and step outside for some fresh air and not so fresh carcinogens.|||I see that has just formed a partnership with … gory_id=14 and has become America.
The price is slightly lower here, especially with the elimination of the high shipping costs from China. At $159 for the starter kit, is it worth the price for the ? Like others, I have tried cheaper brands and am not sold, although I want to be. So, for those of you who have experience with and with the cheaper brands, is the cost worth it?|||sherid wrote: |||i also have the brand pen style,as well as a same brand mini cig and a .all going strong,cost 拢130 the lot-including individual shipping-all from helpful trusted ebayers in this country,and included a total of 174 cartridges,as well as the usual extra problems with any of them(thought i had a dodgy atomiser,but it just needed a blow out and a drop of liquid,and was offered a replacement if i sent back the old one-comparable to njoys fabled customer service)-good hit,sufficient vapour and reliable,with cheap replacment batteries,atomisers and cartridges readily available,and 1-2 days delivery max…so i still struggle to see why people spend a fortune on individual .after extensive reading on this and other boards,the inconsistencies of even the same brands-and of course the as a whole,seems to mean that its pot luck with either the cheapest or most expensive can get a good one,or a dud no matter what you spend-this is one area where,IMHO,you dont always get what you pay for…im saving my money until actual proven and significant advances are made with these products…|||Thank you both for your honesty. I completely agree with your every assessment.|||I appreciate your responses. I think that I just don’t know how to use them properly, but I’m happy to have found this forum so that I can figure it out. For one thing I cannot get excited about the taste, so I am glad to know about the flavored cartridges. Since I am a menthol smoker, I am looking for something resembling menthol cigarettes. The menthol cartridges I bought taste a bit sweet…nothing like menthol really. I bought one from through Ebay. It has quite a bit of vapor on the first puff then that is it. As I said, I need to investigate how to actually use these things before I trash any particular brand. This is an amazing site.

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