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I got another newbie question: Can you re- fill old carts with e liquid and make your own carts?
I have a pen type cig. confused sorry.

thank you|||From 1 newbie to another fellow newbie …

Here is how BanadaDoc explained it to me when I asked if Carts were refillable …

|||Yes, absolutely. It’s far more economical to do it this way. If the cartridge discolors from past use of liquid, just pull out the filler and wash it under running water. Put it back in. For my e- and late , I bought empty cores, which I then filled with liquid using a hypodermic needle. There seems to be no definable outer limit for resusing cartridges.|||Thanks guys! The "smoke" is clearing now and im getting a better understanding!|||I haven’t had any luck with refilling. If I put a couple drops in the filter, I get a couple puffs out of it. Not adequate. If I add more than that I get liquid in my mouth. I’ve tried this a half dozen times with several models of ecigs, nothing but failure. |||It sounds like you’re just it onto the top of the cartridge. It works better if you use a syringe, and inject it into the bottom, filling it from the bottom up. But, failing that (and who wants to carry around a syringe, anyway?) you can just use a safety pin or paperclip to pull the wool out halfway or so, and drip it onto the sides, near the bottom end, until it’s wet, then push it halfway back, drip onto the sides again, then put it all the way back and drip a couple drops on top. Or (quicker, but doesn’t last as long) drop a couple drops on top, then use a pin or paperclip to push the wool to one side, then the other. This circulates the liquid through the wool a bit. Repeat this 2-3 times. In any case, be very careful none of it drips down the outside of the cartridge.|||It’s easier to use tweezers to take out the filling of a cartridge, you have a better grip.

Also after you put it back in, leave a little of the filling at the top and cut of the top that stick out, then push it down till it’s level.
These burn easily, and you do not want that.

I learned that you do need to take out the , just rinse it under warm water, while they are in the cartridge, shake it out real good, and then next morning you have a clean dry cartridge.|||the newer shorter mouthpieces dont keep the liquid out of the mouth as well as the older longer types of mouthpieces.. pretty obvious when u think about it..

having tried all ways i find simply wet a used cart the best way with a cigarette .. but thats with older longer mouthpieces.. i like older and longer.. the farther away the outlet hole is from the wet stuff the better..


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