Puresmoker 4 hole atomizer generic

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by disposables on the October 31st, 2008

DAMN THATS A LOT OF VAPOR! Way easy draw and equal or slightly more vapor production to 901 I got the black - looks nice flat finish. I think I have a new favorite!|||Very nice draw once you get the hang of it. PLENTY of vapor… very nice quality in the fit and finish department. run time is alot longer than i have experienced with my 901 and supermini.. Had an fail completely after about 6 hours of use. I did not mind though. I ordered a spare and that one is holding up nicely. Puresmoker (cashmere) sent a new out right away. As always great service!!||| |||I have coughed alot because its more powerful than my minis! I also got some of his (cherry) . Very nice!!||| ||| |||I have to admit, I rated earlier 4072 generics around a 4 or 4.5, equal more or less to an Njoy. But this new one, compared side to side to an Njoy, beats it out. I wish I had my Sedansa, my example of a 5, to compare it to.|||Awww…I want one now!
Is there a link somewhere to a of it?
Sorry if I am being slow today, bit too much 36mg this morning…|||Fu$king awsome!! very easy draw. lots "smoke". looks great. once again Steve is the best. very fast delivery got it in 2 days.

i will report back a week with update.|||Dayum, dayum, dayum and muttering enviously.
Looks like two hole is as many as we can get in the UK for now.
Should I wait or should I relocate?

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