Propylene glycol inhaling?

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So have any tests actually been done to determine if it’s bad to be inhaling this stuff all day? Who knows, maybe it’s worse than tobacco? I doubt it, but has it actually been tested at all? I know they have tested it somewhat because they use smoke machines and stuff all the time.. but that’s just inhaling a bit that’s in the air, it’s not really the same.|||Yea, its a real concern. There will be a GOOD study one day that will tell us for certain. I doubt that it will tell us we are are 100% fine breathing this stuff - nothing this unnatural could be. We are all taking bets here, but I think its a worth it because I KNOW carcinogens aren’t good.

Some friends and I used to put on this show in college that used a smoke machine in a small room. We used it heavily, and we all stayed in the room for hours. At the end, when we were outside we all had this black stuff phlegm in our mouths and noses. I’m sure its a different scenario with this device - well at least I’m hoping it is…|||Well, it’s gotta be MUCH better, because since I have gone exclusively e-cigs, I’ve felt SO MUCH BETTER! Woot!

I don’t think I wanna know anything else right now. ||| |||I have… I gained 5 pounds in the last 5 1/2 months…. This is the only thing I can contribute the weight gain too. Sometimes its almost enough to make me go back to real cigs…..

EDITED: You are correct - I meant to say "attribute"|||I think you mean "attribute," but don’t be too sure about that; concurrance is NOT causation.||| |||I think I better answer this one…

My patients and me also been on it for roughly more than 4 months now and we did have early reports of excessive dry throat and mild allergic response to PPG…
Also noted were increase occurrences of leg cramps..but very transient , not detrimental to one’s health….that was seen at 2nd month of intense use but the occurrences seem to resolve later on…no recurrence…

increase in phlegm(darkish brown in color) seems to be the main complaint after the first month of use but then less nose congestion or rhinitis was reported…. no reported dental staining or damage so far…

weight loss seems to be more prevalent than weight gain…or for some no actual weight change….still a subjective response…

no reported lung damage so one complained of shortness of breath or dyspnoea….in fact most feels a much improved lung capacity….able to tolerate far heavier strenuous exercise than before…||| |||JimlDK- I just raN across this site which talks about PG and it really doesn’t look all that safe- it’s listed as a 4 out of 10 which is a moderate risk, and they state that this is for consumption/ingestion/absorptions under 50% PG formulas- I’m wondering if thgis stuff accumulates or if it’s expelled quickly enough that we can keep smoking with little worry? Toxicity can lead to skin problems, allergic reactions, kidney problems, liver problems, and from the site "On the other hand, studies done in vitro tests on mammalian cells revealed that some cells underwent mutation." and "Other research conducted twenty and thirty years ago documented toxic effects after repeated small doses of glycol were ingested or repeatedly applied to the skin." It can also lead to lactic acidosis (Which can be fatal in bad cases, and can cause numerous health issues as a side effect of lactic acidosis), and irreversible nerve damage- although this is for the more concentrated forms of PG- but if consistent ingestion causes a buildup- it would seem that introducing it via an altered atomized version (which alters PG’s chemical structure I beleive?) might not be such a good idea? Need more info regardign the pharmacology (sp?) on this to see what it’s shelf-life is in the body?.

Not to be a downer, as I really want for this E-Smoking to work safely, but I’m not really liking what I see mentioned on PG- I know all these are worse case scenarios, but really, we’re changign hte chemical make-up of PPG by atmozing it (I beleive?), ingesting fairly large quantities of it it would seem, and we’re taking it straight into the lungs, heated up, where it clings to tissue, and can conceivably cause mutatiosn in cells if done consistently enough, which as smokers, we certainly would be doing?

Here’s the link: Polyester fumes from filter and now PG. But thanks for bringing the disturbing article to our attention. It fortifies what lab rats we are for this totally untested use of a Dow Chemical product that the maker says we should stay out of when it’s used for theatrical fog.

But I note this in the article: 聯The natural alternative would be 聭glycerol聮 when is not an issue for a .聰

"Glycerol, a byproduct of bio-diesel production, serves as a humectant, a solvent, a filler in commercially prepared low-fat baked goods, a thickening agent in liqueurs, and it may help preserve foods. As a sweetener, it has approximately 27 calories per teaspoon and is 60% as sweet as sucrose, but does not raise blood sugar levels, nor does it feed the bacteria that form plaques and cause dental cavities. The EWG rated it as a two, a very low hazard.

" Glycol has its place. The consumer will need to decide if that place is in his food, medicine and cosmetics. At least, it would seem most healthful to read labels and to limit foods and personal care products which contain PG."

Note in another post that Dr. Loi is now testing vegetable glycerine (glycerol) in place of glycol. I’ve been using vegetable glycerine mixed with home-cooked tobacco liquid and pure extract with alcohol. So far, so good. And the stuff tastes great, compared to the bland of e-liquids.

I gotta think on this one …well I do take hteir motive into concideration, but on the other hand- there may be soem truth to what they say as well, and the fact is that noone really knows what long-term effects consistent exposure ot htis might have, and it may justy turn out quite bad, but then again, it could turn out just fine- there doesn’t seem to be any long term human trials or observances done scientifically- I’m just always learey of new stuff that hasn’t been thoproughly tested- as much as I want for htis to be a safe product, I still am a bit nervous since it hasn’t been tested enough I guess. I take all info thgat isn’t scientifically gained with a grain of salt, and weigh it all- good or bad- objectively- just gotta sift htrough the obvious ‘incentives’ and rhetoric of special interest groups, and get to the straight facts and claims, but I don’t think we can dismiss whqat is said just because they might have interests in saying so if their facts are sound enough though.I agree. That’s why I think the only way to be somehow certain of the safety of e-smoking is to inhale very little or not at all.

Luckily there is one good product for that, the vegas. I just bought my second and I am liking it just like the first one. The only thing spoiling the fun a little is the thought of spending another $50 when this one is over.(it’s too much for me).

That’s why I’m thinking of alternatives. The problem is that for this type of smoking , it’s got to have good taste. Because you’re mostly not inhaling, you are savoring it, like I guess smoking a good pipe is.

So far the best I’ve tried is flue cured from ecig ,but it’s impossible to get right now so I’ll keep looking.

By the way I do smoke three or four real cigarettes a day, so I guess that makes it a bit easier to e-smoke style. But my point is that it’s possible for anyone who’s a little concern about inhaling PG, to balance it inhaling only one every few puffs.Everything in moderation.(Easier said than done but …)

Anyway, that’s just my two cents.Cheers.

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