seriously beside having e cigarette beside u , you also having real cigarette?in your

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by dropship on the October 31st, 2008

home or office?|||No. My last cigarette was the day I got my first .||| |||No. Defeats the purpose of e-smoking.|||Honestly? Yes i do smoke old school cigarettes! About two per day instead of the 20-25 a day i’ve been smoking for 25 years.|||100% the whole e smoking paraphernalia is just too unreliable not to.. having smoked 50 a day skinny roll ups for the last 40 years i dont feel the odd real one will do me much harm now..

trog|||Nope…Like TB said, defeats the purpose |||Anyone still smoking cigarettes is only fooling themselves about saving their health (go read Dr. Murray Laugesen’s Health New Zealand reports). Get off ‘em. You have been given the greatest device ever for quitting, although we best whisper that. Course, if a shortened life is no concern, as has been expressed by some here, well, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. It’s your body; it’s your life; but the known consequences are not fictional junk science either.

As for unreliability .. use when you can’t e-smoke. Reliable, safe and cheap.|||I been given up nearly 6 weeks with patches, my e-cig has not arrived yet so I should be ready to e-smoke without thinking about normal cigs :-)|||cool!!! i will getting mine so is getting nearer..

hope all works well

I will give report how it feel like but I know it will not feel like real BUT the feeling is near to …

I know "some" claim don;t have the kick , will cheat themself especially in the morning ur brain keep telling smoke that real cigarette insead e cigarette

you will tend to smoke the real one in the morning than afternoon smoke e cigarette….i am sixty three years of age bob.. an addict since the day i left school at the age of fifteen.. let me do some maths.. at an average if 30 cigs per day thats 525,600 cigarettes.. at an average of 15 puffs per cigarett thats 7.884.000 direct inhalations of baby killing cancer causing evil tobacco smoke..

u will have to forgive me for being a little blase and cynical about the dangers of adding the odd extra puff to my grand total..

trogUntitled Document

Maybe you’ll be lucky, Trog. I had lunch again last week with my cousins. One is 89, doesn’t use a walker or cane, sharp as a tack mentally, looks great — and smoked four packs a day for 50 years, along with being an alcoholic lush. He quit cigs in his 60s. Another cousin at the lunch smoked two packs a day for 50 years, quit in his 60s, looks great at 84.

I’m in my 60s now. I quit a year ago and feel incredibly more vigorous. I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 50 years. Also liked cigars and pipe tobacco many of those years. Now I use all the time, along with e-smoking, and puffing (never inhaling) a pipe once or twice a day. Yep, I’m a nic addict. ANYTHING BUT A CIGARETTE has got to be the motto we live by. Please read the scientific findings and get off inhaling cigarette tobacco. You can find a better way, and it is not too late for you. That is a defeatist excuse that’s not provably true.

Here’s one nice thing we can do for those younger than us: Never encourage any use of tobacco cigarettes. If it’s not lung cancer that awaits smokers, it’s emphysema or COPD or pancreatic cancer or tongue cancer or debilitating stroke or early heart attack … take your pick among the sufferings that statistically await smokers. Just never encourage anyone to take up cigarette smoking, or to continue inhaling tobacco smoke for any reason other than a one.

You know, I’ve gotten to like you through your posts. So, my forum friend, ask, do you break into coughing when you laugh hard? Does it seem to take forever to "clear your throat" before falling asleep? Can you run a short distance to get out of the rain without feeling winded? I think I know the answers and I think you know there is no defending continued use of cigarettes - RYO or not.

Your , e-cig, e- can help you make a break your body will appreciate, short and/or long term.Everytime I read that post it confuses me more hehe

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NJOY Review

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by Ruyan E-Cigarette on the October 31st, 2008

UPDATE: Thanks to forum member Marian00, Njoy have given us a 20% coupon to give out to this site’s readers. The code is "Smokey" (case sensitive) and you type it into the coupon code box when checking out.

UPDATE 2 Njoy International have given us a code for anyone living outside the United States. Simply fill out the contact form at their site and put the code "uko1kw" and your order into the comments box - Njoy will then invoice you with a link to their secure processing system.

E-Smoking just gets better and better!


After weeks of equivocating (and saving) I finally thought "what the heck" and put an order in for an NJOY. I have been perfectly happy with my Sedansa and thought buying an NJOY would just be a bit of a pointless excersise, but I had a bit of spare cash and thought I would indulge myself.

It arrived this morning and I am extremely impressed.

I bought the standard cigarette pack (in white) and a pack of medium cartridges.

In the box was:

  • the and two batteries.
  • charger (US plug type).
  • 4 Cartridges - 1 High, 1 medium, 1 light and 1 zero.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Warranty postcard.
  • Explanatory "business card" (see photos).


I got it set up straight out of the box and started puffing. The interesting thing is that the draw is slightly heavier - that is you have to puff ever so slightly harder than the Sedansa - but the result is amazing. Huge clouds of vapor pour out - just as if you smoked a cigarette.

The taste is superb. They have absolutely nailed the perfect for e-cigarettes, in my opinion - it is slightly sweet on the tongue, with a hint of tobacco - but not so much that you really taste it.

The sensation is excellent, you feel it in your throat and lungs and the exhalation is really satisfying with clouds of vapor billowing out. It really is like smoking! Maybe it was because of my amazement at the quantity of smoke, but I really felt as though I was getting a bigger hit than the other e-cigs I have tried.


I’m sorry that my photos don’t show the product in as great detail as I would like because the NJOY is definitely top notch. I will try to explain:

On first glance you’d think that it was the same make as Sedansa, but further examination shows some key differences-

  • The glaze on the has a quality "ceramic" type gloss and feel to it.
  • The atomizing chamber has a slight curve it, with the diameter in the middle slightly larger than at either end - I don’t know if this is decorative or if it aids the vapor production - but it is deliberate and it is quality.
  • The has a matte, paper-like look and feel, with decorative bands down the length that replicate cigarette paper.
  • The plastic mouthpieces and cartridges are manufactured to an even higher standard.
  • The LED indicator lights up gradually in the same way that an ember on a cigarette does when you take a puff.
  • The smoke continues to billow, and doesn’t lessen over time or randomly dip as it does with other products.
  • The heat generated by the is minimal and in comparison to other products, barely noticeable.
  • The connecting threads are engineered to a higher standard, with corresponding serial numbers (SYA801030 and SYB801030) stamped into them. This is a pretty good indicator of proper quality control and monitering that has been lacking in the other brands I have tried.

Ok, well they are my first observations anyway - we are clearly dealing with a top quality product here. I wonder if it is made by ?

The amazing thing it is so much cheaper than other, lower quality products. I don’t know how they do it - I guess their business model is different, sell higher numbers at a cheaper price, I guess.


From what I can see, NJOY and Sedansa are the only company that offer a full 30-day money back guarantee and full warranty. Now if you think about it, you’d expect that from anyone selling quality electrical goods wouldn’t you? But there you go, they are the only ones.


Unfortunately, outside of North America the shipping charges have been too high to make purchasing an NJOY a viable prospect for most.

However, NJOY have now set up NJOY International, with customs cleared shipping to the whole of the EU. I am informed that their site will go live shortly, so you can get hold of them without the additional cost. I will post as soon as I have heard.


I have to say that NJOY is my new recommendation. In all honesty it is a superior product to the others I have tried, and it really excites me again as to the sheer life-saving impact this technology is going to have across the globe.

If you haven’t yet bought an , get one TODAY! You won’t believe the difference it can make to your life.


Just a couple of extra points now I have had my Njoy for a week.

1. The life is superb - I would say about twice that of any others I have tried. It also seems to charge more quickly, but I haven’t had time to test this.

2. I think the materials coating the Njoy must be different from the others - I still haven’t developed any scratches despite my slightly careless handling!

3. I tried drip-vaping (I don’t advise this - warranty issues!) the Njoy and my goodness do you get a lot of vapor. Too much, in fact, considering the quantity of in the solution. It did make me think, however, that whoever develops the next model might want to consider a system whereby a much weaker solution is delivered in a greater quantity to the vaporizer.


The outer packaging.
My Njoy (white option).
Inside the box.
Charger and Lead.
A medium cartridge - note the sealed packet.
The ‘business card’
Nice touch!|||Hi Smokey Joe:

Thank you for yet another great . As an Njoy and Sedansa vapor, I must say that you are right on the money in your analysis of the Njoy . I absolutely love it, and the customer service is outstanding. I even got a telephone call from Mark, advising me that he didn’t think I needed one of the things on my order and asked me if I’d like him
to remove it.

Anyway, I too love my Njoy. I am fortunate that I have an Njoy 30 miles from my home, so I can get my accessories, reorders within a day or two of my order.

My sister is giving me $20 per day every day I smoke less than 5 real cigarettes per day over the next 6 months. This is going to be easy for me with my Njoy and Sedansa. I’ve smoked 10 cigarettes in 14 days, and that’s only because I forgot to charge my batteries and/or left home without my e-cigarettes and fresh batteires! With this money, it will more than pay for all of the different e-cigarettes I’ve purchased in search of the best, most suitable ones for my my needs: Sedansa and Njoy are the winners.

Marian|||SJ! You’re in a good position to tell us if NJoy cartridges are compatible with Sedansa ? That’d be much appreciated!
Great !
Thanks!|||Hi SJ,
Thanks for the great and photos. It sounds like the NJOY ecig is a great quality product. How would you compare the amount of vapor between the NJOY and the Sedansa?

Mark|||Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay…

Bonzo - I have lent my Sedansa to a friend for the week so I cannot tell you for sure whether or not thy are compatible, but the Njoy cartridge is a little longer than the Sedansa so I would err on the side of caution. In fact, I think e-cig cartridges would be a better fit.

Markab - The smoke volume is similar, slightly greater with th Njoy, which is a smoother, more satisfying hit. I still can’t work out if this is psychological or not, but I really do think that I get a better "fix" with the Njoy.|||Are the batteries Interchangeable with e-cig or ?|||Yeah, they have the same thread. I can’t say how performance is affected though, but make sure you read up on the warranty - you may invalidate it by swapping batteries around.

By the way, I wanted to add that the longevity on the Njoy is superb. Probably twice that of the others I have tried; I can now take one charged out with me and puff on it all day long.|||Based on your reviews, I just ordered 2 NJOYs. Hope I like it as well as I like my . By the way, if anyone is interested, no longer has warranties on thier batteries. I ordered two more e-cigs from them a couple of weeks ago and two of the four batteries did not work. They told me they no longer warranty the batteries.|||Thanks for your detailed , and pictures. I have been considering which brand to choose for my first , and was leaning towards Njoy simply because they are the only US I know of, and I didn’t want to deal with the higher cost of shipping from overseas. Sedansa seemed like it had the best reviews for overall quality - but after reading your of the Njoy, it sounds like it has an equally high standard of quality. I also like the fact that they will ship replacement cartridges anywhere in the States free of charge. I’m going to order one today - and will check back to post a of my own once I receive it.|||I notice that Njoy have their international site up with a "coming soon" placeholder.

Looks like the Europeans amongst us will soon be able to get the Njoy shipped for a decent price!

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JC Juice Flavours ???

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by janty on the October 31st, 2008

have you tried it what are they like…ive been trawling this site couldn’t find anyones opinions - looking at ordering some nonpg from Si at|||Hi azE

Mine is inbound from Simon (cherry, baccy and hickory). I’ll post my experience when I’ve lunged it…


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Janty Kissbox Yentl vs. MyECig Supermini?

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by ruyan on the October 31st, 2008

I’ve been poking around the internet all day trying to get a fix on which to start with. My concerns are probably the same as most everybody’s - volume of smoke, taste, durability - but I’m also interested in keeping the experience as similar as possible to normal cigarettes, which means getting the smallest one I can without sacrificing quality.

I’m fixed on either the Yentl or the Supermini, but can’t seem to find a direct comparison. Has anybody used both of these? If so, a quick breakdown comparison would be much appreciated.|||Hi jgpippin, welcome to the board.

I’m going to use Leaford’s template as we’re trying to standardise the board reviews. Unfortunately I don’t have any to put up, but you can see a supermini in action on ’s site. I won’t post the link because I didn’t buy this device from him, but he carries the same model and is an excellent .


Category: Supermini

Website: The Electronic Cigarette Company (UK) Ltd. | SHOP |

Items purchased and Price: super E.Cig Starter Kit - 拢34.99

Shipping, tax, etc. 拢4.95

Total Price: 拢39.94

Warranty/Guarantee: 30 day guarantee; 7 day right of return (from receipt)

Overall Rating: 3.125

Pros: good smoke volume; excellent smoke texture; convincing cigarette-like appearance; inexpensive.

Cons: short cartridge life; average life; hard, plasticky mouthpiece; ‘whistles’ on draw; slightly overbearing ‘butterscotch-y ‘taste.

Performance: 3.5

1- Smoke; 4

2- Draw; 3

Performance: 3

1- Switch; 3

2- life; 3

Overall reliability and performance: 3

Appearance/Build Quality: 3

Customer Service Experience:

Sent off for it and it arrived within a couple of days. Mail notification of shipping. No info on exchange / refund.

Contents: 1 dummy mouthpiece (each cart has a new mouthpiece); 1 atomiser; 2 batteries; 1 charger; 1 EU power cord; 5 assorted strength carts.

Extras: None

charging times: 8 hours initially; 1 hour thereafter (I do not drain batteries fully)

interchangeability: Sedansa Nano2 SC500_v2

interchangeability: Sedansa Nano2 SC500_v2

Charger interchangeability: Sedansa Nano2 SC500_v2

Cartridge interchangeability: Sedansa Nano2 SC500_v2

Note, I do not recommend using the Sedansa charger for the Super e-Cig, or vice-versa. Sedansa tailor their Diva to a new model charger and warn on their site that using another charger may destroy the and charger and invalidate the warranty. I have no reason to believe this is true of the Nano2 but I won’t take the chance. The e-Cig screws into the Sedansa charger but I didn’t plug it in.

Narrative :

The Super e-Cig is a good, inexpensive, entry-level model. If, like me, you feel a bit weird about the form factor of the pen-styles and want to start off your vaping career with a model that will blend in, this one’s for you. This model is virtually indistinguishable from a real cigarette and if you use it in a bar, it will draw attention and quite probably censure.

The cartridges are cheap, 拢37.99 for 100, and since they each come in their own mouthpiece this model is less fiddly than most Super-Minis. Note, quite a few of the cartridge mouthpieces are a tighter fit over the atomiser than the supplied dummy mouthpiece. Hold on to a couple that snap on easily, as the tight fitting ones adversely affect airflow.

The smoke volume is quite unique to this model, in my experience. It’s hard to describe but it’s almost greasy, very full in the mouth. Produces a nice, fat smoke ring. There is a butterscotch top note, which may not be to all tastes. I didn’t like it initially but it grew on me quite quickly. Very little aftertaste, but I get very thirsty after medium use (however, I only use this cigarette in bars, so that might be another explanation for copious drinking). Cartridge life is relatively short, about three or four cigarettes worth. It does produce vapour beyond that point but it’s noticeably thinner and I don’t think there’s much content once it thins out.

The draw is OK, no more. I’m certainly more aware of the effort with this model than any other of my e-cigs. There is a whistling noise and this is quite noticeable at home, but not anywhere with background ambient noise.

The life is adequate, but I have never tested to the limit because of the particular way I use this model. I bought two units and two spare atomisers, which allows me to assemble four complete units. All four fit snugly into the Super e-cig box and I carry it like a regular pack of cigarettes. I charge them all up, load them with cartridges and I’m set for the night. I have never gotten to the end of all four (batteries or cartridges) on any given night out, and that includes giving interested friends a go on the spares.

Switch is also OK, but requires priming from time to time. The cut-off period is ten flashes of the LED (about 9 seconds) but you really have to work to trigger the cut off (about twenty rapid draws). It’s never an issue because I carry spares.

The appearance and build quality are, again, OK. That’s pretty much the overall verdict on this model. The is white and the carts cigarette-filter coloured. The mouthpiece is plasticky as mentioned and feels hard in the mouth but you get used to that fairly quickly. In any case, it won’t be around long enough to get chipped or mangled by chewing.

That’s about all I have to say on the Supermini. I have no hesitation in recommending this model as an entry-level device. The chances are that you will move on from it quite quickly, but by then it will have repaid your investment. I value it as an easy option for a night out, and if I lost one or dropped it in a beer, it wouldn’t grieve me too badly.

Overall rating 3.125|||If I get time tomorrow I’ll post a similar of the KB Yentl (Leaford, you’re doing the KB Classic next, right?)

Emp|||Yep, that was the plan. My Yentyl batteries are under the weather at the moment. I could still the with a compatable non-KISS , but what would be the fun in that? |||Oh, Nice , BTW. I have the same model and I think you nailed it. I might have gone 2 on life, but it’s a case of YMMV. |||argh! This damn link converter has hyperlinked my references to Sedansa. I’m going to start njoyis****.com just for the hell of it|||Yeah great Emp! Good on you! Sums it up quite well.||| ||| damn spider crawling about on my screen here, got to get the fly spray out and deal with that straight away …. no wait it’s spidey’s new animated sig … well fancy that |||I’m crap at whizzysigs - have to fall back on sarcasm…

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Puresmoker 4 hole vs 2hole pen style

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by janty on the October 31st, 2008

The only difference I notice is that the 4 hole as easier drag - vapor output is about equal. I don’t know about reliability though which is a benefit Cash gave for the 4 hole… anyone else share comparisons of the two? Also, from watching Leaford’s of’s penstyle, apparently Cash’s batteries are of the same quality as njoy’s which may be why his two-hole produces such great vapor in my experience. Anyway he’s probably only selling 4 holes from now on so it don’t matter much .|||The only difference between 2 holes and 4 is easier airflow, therefore an easier draw. I wouldn’t expect more vapor from it.||| |||Gash … The biggest advantage to a 4 hole is the easier draw. More vapor can be attributed to any number of things.

I tend to get more vapor from the 4 hole, only because I don’t have to suck my brains out and it doesn’t seem like a constant battle with the to get that vapor! LOL …

And yes, all kits come standard 4 hole now, however, I do keep several 2 holes on hand for clients that would prefer them over the 4 hole ||| ||| |||Right cash if you have a good reliable 4hole atomiser and hope you have because this would least mean some progress. Prove it send me a couple to try and I will gladly endorse your products and promote it on this forum and elsewhere to. Helping your turnover as you Americans friends are receiving ours from our suppliers but we in the UK aren’t receiving any of your products to .
||| |||i think the life and guarantee problem will soon be solved.. the industry will move over to the in the cart concept.. the sooner the better..

that just leaves the bloody batteries.. which are also disposable but being sold with guarantee they cant live up to because their capacity isnt up to the job they are required to do..

now a "screwdriver" sold with in a cart will last a year with no guarantee send back problems for seller or end user…

the downside.. it dosnt and cant look like a real cigarette.. but with technology at its present state thats life.. the rest is just "dreams"..


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Crown7 review

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by e-smoking on the October 31st, 2008

You may recall the horrible that was posted by, as it turned out, some troll, and the owner’s reply:
|||Now, that’s a fine . I couldn’t agree more, having learned the hard way what it’s like to deal with a company on the other side of the globe and that fraudulently brands shipments and won’t make good on its mistakes (won’t even replace a you paid for if it arrives dead and unuseable).

I will buy American in the future, for all my hardware needs. We have a limited choice on liquids, however, and I’ll use an American reseller on eBay.

Good to hear Crown 7 was so exceptional for you.|||Nice . Here’s mine:

I just received my Crown 7 a few weeks ago (13 days after ordering). While I wasn’t pleased with the time it took to get from Arizona to Washingon D.C., I am overall happy with the purchase.

As this was my first , it took me a few days to figure the thing out. It seems simple: screw together and smoke it like a cigarette — but it was everything but perfect at first. I was getting very little vapor and even decided to put it down for a few days as I was unhappy with the performance.

A few days later, I was tinkering with the product and figured that I can create more vapor if I take the white cartridge inside the mouthpiece out and put it in separately (thus touching the more than if it was still in the mouthpiece), I got a TON of vapor. This method seems to kick more vapor out for about 4-5 puffs then I just have to repeat the process of pressing the white cartridge against the again and putting the piece back on.

Overall: there are some design flaws with the product, but being a relatively new item to the market, I can’t complain too much. I am sure I will see much improvement over the coming months and years; or in other brands. Crown Seven shipped via DHL and the shipment hadn’t even been given to a shipping company for 7 days — my main complaint would be the time it took to receive the product.

It was mentioned that they reply to ALL e-mails within 3 days: this is a fallacy. I wasn’t happy with their lack of responses to my questions.

Customer service: 1/5 stars
Price: 3.5/5 stars
The eCig’s performance: 3.5/5

Anyone know of any good places to get cheap, but quality ?|||So far so good for me too. No problems with the device and, even if the cartridges don’t last as long as I expected, the expierience for me is one of hopeful anticipation. I did send an e-mail to Crown7 before I joined this forum to talk about "harshness" and received a response fairly quickly. They told me that if I wanted more smoke and a thicker draw, I could just add a drop or two of distilled water into the cartridge. It DOES make my e- billow some clouds when I do; an impressive sight for smokers when i use it near them. ||| |||Ronald McDonald??? Hmmm - does he sell hamburgers, too?|||I have been using my Crown7 for about 3 weeks by now. I should say that I have similar comments about the as others above. I have ordered a type from and some menthol cartridges. It was my first e-cig and my initial experience with it was a comfortably introduction to the world of e-smoking.

I would concur with other users that have posted above, that the shipping was a bit too … delayed. Even though they shipped the product from AZ after 2 days of ordering, it took nearly 6 days to get to my door. I would say that was the slowest shipment I ever received. Anyways, upon opening the package, which was quite nicely packaged in a small box, I find my cartridges and the kit in a Crown7 box. There was a leak in one of the cartridges in the box, and everything was kind of slimy, so I had to clean up all the items with some tissue paper (.. this gave me the chance to taste the numbing liquid taste everyone keeps talking about .. :mrgreen: ). Well after that, popped a into the charger and waited for 4 hrs for the charger light to turn green. Then immediately popped the in the and started puffing away.

From the first puff, it bellowed a lot of smoke. As of now, I have hands-on experience with other e-cigs, I can say that the smoke is not a dense white smoke, but instead is a lighter mist with a purplish hint (TropicalBob, tried to get red colored smoke.. I would say this one is at least a bit colored.. ). The taste was mild but very pleasant and the menthols had a hint of mint flavoring compared to the regular (that came with the kit). As usual, with many users, on the first day of e-smoking, I was puffing away with for a whole afternoon and then the evening (on just one until now) and eventually got a nic overdose and a slight headache. Well, that pretty much assured that the Crown7 was doing its job and the batteries were holding up pretty strong.

I used my for a week, and this pretty much cut my smokes from near to 1/2 pack a day to 1 cig a day or less. Later, I received an order of (mini) and (mini-mini) from I should say the performance of these two cigarettes is a totally different class compared to Crown7 . First of all, the taste of mini-mini is an instant hit.. it has a harsh taste but feels like an actual cigarette in some way. I am sure anyone would get hooked on this for sure. And the mini cigarette works like a fog machine, throwing out bellows of smoke, more than I had expected from it. I eventually stop after one or two short puffs as there is already more smoke than I can handle. I was quite impressed. The life on the and mini cigarette go for a whole day of use (and more) and the mini-mini lasts for a day and then I have to recharge it for sure. For some unknown reason, the cartridges of the mini cigarette last longer than my and usually account for 1-1.5 pack of smokes. The mini-mini carts lasts for around 5-6 normal cigarettes.

After two weeks of e-smoking, my Crown7 started to get a lot warmer and it put out lesser and lesser smoke. I e-mailed the customer support and they replied instantly (.. apparently they were even working on a weekend). I was suggested to change the cartridges and fresh recharge.. but nothing seemed to work and after another e-mail exchange, I was immediately shipped a new replacement (they sent a whole new .. ). The new one arrived in 5 days and it seems to working good until now. As far as I am concerned, I have had a nice experience dealing with Crown7 and would surely be happy to do business with them again. The may not be bellowing smoke a lot, but I still like it a lot and as suggested a drip of distilled water can do wonders for a few puffs. In addition, the smoke has a quite unique rich not present in the other cigarettes, so I keep puffing on the . I am hoping to try some of their fruity pretty soon and think they would be much better.

Ok, now for the flaws in the that could be changed in the newer version. It is impossible to see the light at the tip even if you tried (unless you are in a dark area). The light is a small red led tucked away in the and compared to the other cigarettes, I don’t like it at all. There is no warning blinks for low or long puff indication. Also, it would certainly help if the kit included some instructions on the product use and care.

I still haven’t started to drip, but I am sure from other users experiences, this would take the to completely another level by itself. For the moment however, I have my other e-cigs that can put out a lot of smoke and I would like to use my for casual smoking (do note that it is heavier being a type and can’t use it frequently).

On the overall I would give the Crown7 a 4.0/5.0 (more points to the taste and long life). The mini a 4.5/5.0 (more points to amount of smoke and life) and the mini-mini a 5.0/5.0 (.. the taste is worth it all and the small form factor also scores).|||Good, thorough . Thanks.

BTW: I use my wedding ring to see the light from the tip. Just bring your left hand close to the and take a puff while watching your gold band.|||Since there’s already a thread, I hope its alright if I add on instead of posting another .

One Month With Crown7

Well, I said I’d repost in a month if things went smoothly (or didn’t) with my Crown7 e-.

They went well. While I still smoke 聯the real thing聰 regularly, I can say that I noticed a drop in the amount of cigarettes I rolled while using it. The device worked as advertised, and I am quite pleased with it. So lets get down to a play by play analysis of how she did, shall we?

Price. Most E-Cigs and E-Cigars are quite expensive. For the price, its a good buy.

Solid performance. While your experience may vary, mine has been quite pleasant. I may have babied it a little, but after a month of puffing its still going strong.

Durability. I do admit to having a couple accidents. Dropped it, forgot it was in my pocket and bumped a few drawers closed with my thigh. Everything still works as far as I can tell.

Life. Batteries so far have been long lasting and dependable. The unit came with 2, so its easy to just use 1 all day (they last 24 hours easily) and pop in a fresh one the next day.

Copious Smoke. Nothing like these Next Gen K.I.S.S boxes, but the Crown7 e- produced plenty of visible smoke early in a cartridges life. Drip Smoking created even more, but we’ll get into that…now

Drip Smoking Friendly Device. I have to say that Drip Smoking has been by far the most pleasant experience of e-smoking I’ve had. Big clouds, that burned for about as long as a typical cigarette. 1, sometimes 2(small) drops on the did the trick, producing a thick, sometimes heady cloud of smoke. And the improved while drip smoking. I did keep a cartridge on hand (typically loaded in the tube) in case I wouldn’t have time and a safe place to tinker with my eyedropper. Many products appear to have trouble with this trick. Crown7’s e- did a bang up job and the kept chugging.

I still smoke real ones. This is not a failing of the product, but it certainly isn’t a plus for it. I noticed that it took longer between cravings to hit while using the Crown7, but the weak per hit from the cartridges wasn’t enough to satisfy my chain smoking lust. A simple solution would probably be to quit completely for a month or so (been there more than a few times), then go to e-smoking instead of hopping back on the cancer wagon. I believe that e-smoking could give me a strong enough hit to satisfy those cravings IF the levels in my blood were not as high as they are now. I may update with that later.

Shipping. It took quite a while for my e- to get here; almost 3 weeks.

No from this . I’ve even e-mailed him to ask if they intend to offer the product. No dice. He intends to offer cartridges and cartridges only for his brand (resell or not). So for Drip Smoking, you’ll have to get it from ebay or or make your own. I know of no other suppliers at this time.

Cartridges do not last all day without considerable effort on your part. Squeeze em, shake em, pull em out and turn em around with tweezers. Its a hassle really, considering that the cartridges were supposed to work all day. When I want a hit, I don’t wanna fiddle with this thing for five minutes, I WANT MY HIT. Make sure you take 2-5 with you if you’re going out and swap them out between uses if you intend to use only Crown7 products. I did notice that they would tend to 聯recharge聰 themselves if left alone for a day or two, meaning that you could prop them ass up somewhere and the liquid would tend to migrate down to the end where the touches. Don’t do this IN the Crown7 though because…

It leaks. Mine has a tendency to coat the over time, which means the was through from top…all the way to the bottom. If this is a common issue with E-cigs and cigars, its no surprise to this poster that most don’t last long. Electronics Liquids=A Bad Thing. Dying atomizers may just as easily be caused by an arcing circuit as they are by overheating. Since I have suffered neither, this is only speculation on my part but waterproofing the chambers between the ’s innards and filled cartridges is a matter of huge concern for e-cig manufacturers and the public that uses them…or it should be!

Expense. Actually, this was a lot more expensive for me to do (for one month) than hand rolling, so I feel obliged to add it. While others who smoke pre-packed cigs regularly will probably see returns on their investment in the first month, for now, e-smoking is almost 4 times as pricey as handrolling. Depending on the life of the unit, and my decision whether or not to upgrade to a better model, that price may change.

Final Thoughts:

This experiment into e-smoking has been more than I expected, and better than I’d hoped. I’m confident when I say I owe much of that to the Crown7 E-’s performance. For those interested in an entry level electronic smoking device, I would suggest the Crown7 e- for both its price and performance.

Thank you for reading.|||

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K.I.S.S. Classic Review

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by atomizer on the October 31st, 2008

Just receive the whole box today after a long wait…….

Quality….it reeks of high quality…The Rolls Royce of ….the build and finish of these new device are far higher than Njoy ….I got the Titanium and Silver finishes..very classy and superbly lighter than Njoy….even down to the Cartridges and the mouthpiece..very ergonomics and pleasant to hold in your mouth….Natural feel I guess….I love it…somewhat feels softer to the lips and teeth…good stuff…Now the Acid test…..

Ease of use….very easy and light to the draw on it…Lots of Vapour production and very can taste the tobacco back down the throat….mild aftertaste which actually was unexpected…very surreal feel to the tongue..High Marks for that….
The Vapour….dense and thick on every puff….somehow they have modified the cartridge to give a good yield to the Atomiser..lots of "smoke"…very very nice….

Full of Accessories..they came with a Nice Silver Case which fits in everything except for the USB part, a USB Car plug charger and the USB is very good and different from E-Cig type..It has a rechargeable inside and it works even when it is not plug in..way ingenious design..Top marks for ingenuity….

I’ll try to load up some pics later on but I’ll bet you guys and gals will be bow over high quality and craftsmanship….makes the 3 weeks wait worthwhile…..

Compatibility of …compatible to Njoy albeit slightly crooked after insertion and it works too…..The from does not have a LED light at the indicators lights..might please some users…

To sum it up…TOP MARKS 10 out of 10 …..It is worth the money..every cents of it!!!!

I hope others will this soon….and I am sure they won’t be disappointed….. :mrgreen:|||Thanks for the , although it makes waiting even more difficult! ||| |||Sounds great. Mine should arrive any day now. Maybe today.

Seems like everyone wanted the Titanium. I had to settle for Black. |||I still have not received mine. Received confirmation that it was mailed on the 15th but am still waiting. Hopefully will get it today, if not, I need to contact Ludo.

I got lucky and was able to order the Titanium, sorry leaford.||| |||Normally I would have ordered the black - but I wanted to try something different. All my e-cigs are either black or burgandy. I just broke down and ordered a white USB from e-cig. Trying to add color to my collection |||I hope you guys/gals will love it….Finally after 11 hours..I finished the first cartridge…impressive and the cartridge is completely dry..not a drop left inside and the wool inside are far less compared to other brand cartridges…far easier to ..max 10 drops…I have compared the cartridge to is wider and shorter..BTW, you can’t use Njoy cartridges..too long..unless you cut it short by 5mm…
All these while, the smoke production is still consistent and the way the signal it’s end is abrupt..plug in a new and it goes like new..thick and voluminous smoke..thick enough to smell it and very flavorful….Somehow it(the atomiser ) can alter the smell and taste of my normal just taste richer and different..weird but nice…

Njoy can measure up to it only by drip smoking method otherwise it lose out completely to the normal cartridge method…and still lose out to the delivery of smoothness and taste of the smoke..

I just tested out the USB thing..It works out great….another top marks to ruyanxpress..

I just couldn’t figure it out how they manage to get the aftertaste to stay so well..thicker smoke perhaps? better burn rate…??

Oh yeah, one more thing..this new device does not overheat easily(in fact it never overheat..just a pleasant warm feeling)…because it does not require strong suction to produce smoke..even a tiny "sip" will elicit a good volume of smoke…I would say..Finally , a device that replicates real smoking so well you can’t tell the difference if you close your eyes!! :P|||How about posting a link to K.I.S.S. Just curious to purchase and too. Thanks|||A link?…you mean the website?….sure…..

Check out the Kissboxes

And below is the full starter kit…..

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diluting e liquid with water..???

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by e-liquid on the October 31st, 2008

i like to buy flue cured 24 mg liquid from e cig china.. since the bottled supply dried up due to the Olympics i have been syringing carts to get liquid.. the most economical (cost effective) carts to syringe are pipe and carts..they hold the most liquid for the money..

now to the water bit.. the last couple of consignments i have received from e cig have not been very good.. this could be old stock due to olympic shipping problems i dont know.. they could have problems getting it as well as sending it out..

anyways the liquid in the carts seems to be very thick and gloopy.. it clogs the and makes my device hard to draw thru.. i thought what happens if i dilute it with water.. it contains water as it comes.. how much i dont know but water is part of its make up..

i diluted mine with 20% tap water.. simply to thin it out.. taste and vapour wise it still seems the same with 20% water added.. i cant really tell the difference..

i might take just take one cart and try a 50% mix.. just to find out at which point things start to not work..

at the high price liquid is sold at this opens up all sorts of wondering.. any thoughts.. ??

trog|||Try not to use tap water.

To much junk in it, like calcium, floride, minerals, clorine, and more.

Calcium is the white stuff that you may see on your coffee pot somtimes. It can Clog your fast if your not lucky.

You can cut PG and VG with water, but get as pure as you can. Triple distilled, or pure. Most drug stores have it near their pharmacy, normally the stuff by the bottled water is not pure.|||I have been known to thin with various liquors. No problems experienced so far when doing that. My thinking was the alcohol might actually help clean the as it vaporizes. Just a theory.

Maybe not but it tastes great!|||i started of with a very small amount expected it to mess up the vaporization process.. i was rather surprised to be able to get away with 20% and not notice much difference..

trog|||You can mix pretty much water and it will still work well smoke wise.

Depending how much is in it when you get it, you can cut 16parts water to 1part PG.

I am not sure at what point you have to worry about rusting the though.

PG and VG soak up water out of the air, and keeps things dry, less and I am not sure how metal will react. Just a thought, not sure.|||You lot never stop amazing me lol lol lol … i just got out my syringe i use for my printer ink carts and sucked up a tiny bit of Soda water i had in my drinks cabinet and put in 2 droplets into my super mini cart and … talk about smoke …. lol lol Works well …. Im going to try some Jack Daniels whisky next like T Bob says lol lol.|||Any liquor thats thin, like JD, Scotch, or Rum, Vodka if its not full of I would guess would work too, as long as it dosent dry sticky or syrupy.

Anything that gets sticky, like bailys or jager i would avoid useing.

High proof stuff will make the get hotter faster, so watch that is all.|||I would imagine that Baileys and Jaegermeister would kill an just on contact. :-)

Better take a shot first and then vap the …. <smirk>.. careful that the Jaegermeister does not glue the to your lips.|||Makes sense. I guess whatever heat the liquid was exposed to had started to condense it. You are using distilled water, right?

By the way, I still got those high flue cured pipe carts from e-cig. I’ll send ‘em to you if you want ‘em. Got 7 boxes. They’re all yours. Say the word. PM me. Seriously. I know you like ‘em and want ‘em to go to somebody who would enjoy them.

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Are Micro batteries all the same?

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by njoy on the October 31st, 2008

I was wondering if all the batteries on micro cigs are all the same? I have a DSE 101, does anyone know if the could be used with a DSE 103 or an ?|||they tend to have different brass end pieces and mostly cant be swapped about..

trog||| |||Thanks Ned, that is a big help, I only have one atomiser for my 101, so when that dies I will get another model and give it a go |||when it dies is the problem betty.. by the time it actually dies for real.. its smoke production will have fallen off my (90)% compared to when new..

we replace ours every two weeks to maintain the as new-ish smoke production..

and once again we have totally contradictory information..

i find my cigars not to to be as good as a new 901 device.. the fluid tastes nice thow.. the smoke production is the same no matter what fluid is fed to the device.. the fluid simply tastes like cigars.. my eldes son has been using it in his pipe for the last couple of weeks..

but as long as new readers keep getting fed totally contradictory information this place isnt going to help them much..


ps.. even batteries for the same device are not all the same.. the older type striped 901 batteries have a run time of between four to five hours.. the new matt finished ones we last recieved have run time when new of 2.5 hours.. after a weeks use this has dropped to 2 hours..

four hours when new is okay.. two hours when new is a disaster.. the attrition rate among these new ones is gonna be high..|||Thanks trog, I find it all very confusing with all the different models that are available My micro was the first e-cig I bought off ebay after hearing about esmoking from a friend at work. I really had no idea what I was buying and was slightly disappointed with how long the carts lasted. After joining this forum I got a penstyle and have been much happier with it. I have found the life good on both models, but do not use it continually as I still smoke the bad cigs! It is interesting you say you change your atomisers every two weeks, if I am to give up the bad ones I will obviously need more kit!! Then I would also have too choose more kit and everyone has different opinions of what is best, it is so hard to choose. (Your should see me in a supermarket!!!)|||i have done a lot of testing.. three family members.. we are three real smokers who need the reliable fix.. there is no best device.. it largely comes down to what the user requires from the product..

we require cost effective (read cheap) reliable e smoking.. nothing else is good enough..

we get thru roughly 2 ml of liquid per day each.. a new every two week.. all bought in advance and in stock ready for use..

if it could done cheaper we would do it..

but other people require different things.. light users are the people these are better suited to.. we are pushing the limits.. u might not be..

so let me say we use one per 28 ml of fluid.. this is two weeks for us.. it might be six months for others..

the batteries also need replacing along side the atomizers.. this all has to be factored into our running costs..

best of luck


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Smart Fixx - Excellent - Coupon Code!

Posted in E-Cigarette Reviews by miniecigarette on the October 31st, 2008


Dear Forum Members:

As many of you know, I’ve purchased and "tested" just about every brand and style of there is out on the market. Like Njoy, Smart Fixx is located in Arizona, U.S.A. I have now added Smart Fixx to the top of my list, which is in good company with both my Njoy and Sedansa e-cigarettes!!!

There are several reasons for this:

No. 1: The Smart Fixx pen-style is exactly the same as Njoy’s. In fact, they have the same , according to the owner, Jim Youngblood, So the quality is top-notch. I’ve been smoking my Smart Fixx for over a week now, and I can tell no difference between it and the Njoy .

No. 2: The price cannot be beaten for this top-quality-type . The starter kit for the pen-style is $89.99. … duct-flyer. It’s packaged in the same manner as Njoy’s packaging. I see no difference except for the brand name. The starter kit includes the following:

1 - Smart Fixx Smokeless Cigarette

2 - Regular Smokeless Cartridges

(equivalent to 4 packs of cigarettes)

2 - 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

1 - 3.6V Lithium Charger

2 - Protective Tip Covers

No. 3: Customer service and delivery are excellent. All of my e-mails are answered in a timely manner. They can be reached between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. seven days a week. Their toll-free number is 1-866-456-1522. Jim has always been very prompt with his replies when I have asked him questions via telephone and/or e-mail.

They ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). Their Web site states that they ship 2-5 days after order is placed; however, Jim told me that it usually goes out in 1-2 days from the time your order is placed. They have a flat rate of $7.95 anywhere in the USA. Their international delivery charge is $49.95 (7-8 days), and it’s shipped by UPS. They do ship to Mexico, Canada, and Australia. They also have next-day delivery for $39.99.

No. 4, they’ve got a great offer for anyone and everyone who reads this. Jim asked me to tell all of you that they are offering 5 cartridges ($11.99 value) per kit right now (instead of 2 cartridges as stated currently on their Web site). Additionally, they are offering a 10%-off coupon code: fixx

No. 5, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, even if your has been used, broken or not. Here is their guarantee:

"We at Smart Fixx guarantee our product for the purchase of your starter kit. You can try Smart Fixx absolutely risk free. Make your purchase and if you’re not completely satisfied, simply return the product - even if used - within 30 days of your original purchase date for a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling)."

Lastly, I am in no way financially affiliated with Smart Fixx. I just wanted to share this exciting new and the coupon code with all of you fellow e-puffing aficionados.

I suppose I should post this in both the General and Reviews sections!!!

Marian|||thanks for the tip–i have been to their site and have a question into them…

BTW; greetings all |||I’m somewhat curious about their mini. Anyone tried it?|||Question answered in a timely and professional manner. Just placed my order–so far GREAT follow up. TX Marian00!|||Hi BD:

What did you end up purchasing? I’ve ordered and tried only the pen style, so I wouldn’t know anything about Smart Fixx’s other products, except they have the same as Njoy. Please let us know what you think of your particular puchase!!!

I’d be curious about how the mini works out. My luck with minis has not been good in the past with other manufacturers; and I have, therefore, decided for now (until technology improves) to stick with the pen styles only. If anyone has tried the minis from Njoy and/or Smart Fixx, please let us all know what you think.

Also, I have tried with all of my pens and find that is the best way to enjoy an e-cig. I get mine from It’s really important to blow out excess/accumulated old oil from the on a regular basis in order to get a good, consistent "smoke."

Marian|||Hey there! Pen style for me as well. All I can say is:WOW!

Just tried it for the first time this evening when i got home from the office… my first ecig experience was fabulous! i have been researching these deligently for 2 weeks (a risk of the trade, i am a reseacher & professor).

A little background… I actually quit smoking a month ago. i have done this before but always fall off the wagon over the course of a few months/years… i miss the feel, the ritual, the familiar old deep sip of smoke. i just really enjoy relaxing with a cigarette. THIS may be just what i need to break that cycle. Since i have already gotten past the addiction, i ordered the zero-nic cartridges. The taste is really quite good. The "smoke" fills your mouth like a good whiskey

To those wary of risking the high price of admission: DO IT!

Yes, it really feels EXACTLY like you are smoking.

Thank you Marian for motivating me to take the chance with the great above.|||I have been smoking the Smart Fixx Cigarette now for four months. I don’t even smoke the regular smokes anymore. I have saved so much money,and I love having my cartons delivered to my front door. Thank you Smart Fixx for giving me such good service, and the best product. |||I ordered a Smart Fixx mini cigarette. Hope it comes fast
Can’t wait to try it out.|||I just heard about e-cigarettes recently and was looking at the SmartFixx site and have been perusing this forum. Lots of good information but the one thing puzzling me are the many people saying how much money this saves them. From what I can tell, after you buy the kit, you need to order refills which at SmartFixx are about $52 for four - which covers 10 packs - the equivalent of a carton of regular cigs. A carton of regular cigs is just under $30 here, which means my habit will cost me a lot more. Am I missing something? |||

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