article claims fda tested e-cigs

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by crown7 on the November 10th, 2008

I just got done reading this article

http://news.sma**** … moking.htm

at the bottom of it they claim that
"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labs have certified the cigarettes after testing for toxic content and by The European body called Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS)."

anyone know anything about this|||I read that also. And I don’t believe it. I searched the FDA site for rulings on electronic cigarettes - and there’s nothing on this. I have no idea how such a statement can be made, if untrue, and I hope the FDA rises up and bites their butt.|||I read it too. And it’s only one sentence at the end of the story. BIZARRE. There’s nothing more said about it.

BTW: your link doesn’t work. The link itself got censored for some weird reason.

Here’s another one: … oking.html|||If untrue this company will be facing lots of fines.|||

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BICKFORD Flavor List (Complete List)

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by e-smoking on the November 9th, 2008

Hello my fellow ECF Members …

I thought this list may be useful for everyone. Please share what you like the best, and any experimental you have tried mixing.

Retail Pricing [PG Based ]:
1oz (29.6mL) bottle - $3.09 USD
4oz (118.3mL) bottle - $10.69 USD
8oz (236.6mL)bottle - $18.79 USD
16oz (473.1mL) bottle - $25.09 USD
32oz (946.2mL) bottle - $37.89 USD
128oz (3785mL) bottle - $81.59 USD

can be purchased directly from . See link below to order:

NON-OIL Based = Green (Good To Go)[ Glycol {PG} and Natural ]
OIL Based = Red (DO NOT USE)[Soy Oil and Natural ]

Current List:
- Item#
Almond – Item #0101
Amaretto – Item #0105
Anise – Item #0102
Apple – Item #0104
Apple Cherry – Item #0106
Apple Cinnamon – Item #0107
Apple Maple – Item #0108
Apricot – Item #0103
Banana – Item #0201
Banana Strawberry – Item #0213
Basil – Item #0219
Black Currant – Item #0215
Black Walnut – Item #0203
Blackberry – Item #0202
Blueberry – Item #0204
Bourbon – Item #0218
Boysenberry – Item #0217
Brandy – Item #0205
Burnt Sugar – Item #0216
Butter – Item #0206
Butter – Item #0226
Butter Almond – Item #0209
Butter Mint – Item #0214
Butter Pecan – Item #0208
Butter Rum – Item #0210
Butterscotch – Item #0207
Caramel – Item #0301
Champagne – Item #0318
Chardonnay – Item #0331
Cheesecake – Item #0310
Cherry Mint – Item #0320
Cherry, Sweet – Item #0302
Cherry, Wild – Item #0303
Chili – Item #0322
Chocolate – Item #0305
Choc. Almond – Item #0311
Choc. Cherry – Item #0312
Choc. Mint – Item #0313
Cinnamon – Item #0306
Cinnamon – Item #0336
Clove – Item #0307
Coconut – Item #0308
Coffee – Item #0309
Cola – Item #0321
Cranberry – Item #0314
Cream Cheese – Item #0316
Cr猫me de Menthe – Item #0315
Cream Soda – Item #0323
Eggnog – Item #0501
Garlic – Item #0703
Ginger – Item #0706
Graham Cracker – Item #0708
Grand Marnier – Item #0707
Grape – Item #0701
Guava – Item #0702
Habanero – Item #0804
Hazelnut – Item #0801
Horehound – Item #0802
Irish Cream – Item #0901
Kahlua – Item #1102
Key Lime – Item #1103
Kiwi Fruit – Item #1101
Lemon – Item #1201
Lemon – Item #1221
Lime – Item #1202
Lime – Item #1222
Malted Milk – Item #1306
Mango – Item #1304
Maple – Item #1301
Maple Walnut – Item #1305
Maraschino – Item #1302
Marshmallow – Item #1307
Melon – Item #2205
Mint – Item #1303
Nutmeg – Item #1401
Onion – Item #1502
Orange – Item #1501
Orange – Item #1521
Papaya – Item #1605
Passion Fruit – Item #1606
Peach – Item #1601
Peanut Butter – Item #1604
Pear – Item #1610
Pecan – Item #1608
Peppermint – Item #1602
Peppermint – Item #1622
Pina Colada – Item #1611
Pineapple – Item #1603
Pistachio – Item #1607
Plum – Item #1625
Praline – Item #1614
Pumpkin – Item #1612
Raisin – Item #1704
Raspberry – Item #1701
Root Beer – Item #1702
Rosemary – Item #1707
Rum – Item #1703
Rum RaisinItem – Item#1705
Sherry – Item #1801
Spearmint – Item #1802
Strawberry – Item #1803
Strawb. Guava – Item #1805
Strawb. Kiwi – Item #1806
Tangerine – Item #1902
Toffee – Item #1904
Tropical Fruit – Item #1901
Van. Butternut – Item #2500
Violet – Item #2501
Walnut – Item #2201
Watermelon – Item #2203
Wintergreen – Item #2202
Pure Vanilla – Item #2600
Dark Vanilla – Item #2700
Light Vanilla – Item #2800
Chlorophyll – Item #2900

-CaSH|||Great post, CaSHMeRe. Wish I had had that list when I was trying to decide what to order.

I think I have about a dozen , and I’m still in the process of trying to test all of them.
So far, I think my favorite has been Peppermint. Some of the are a little too subtle for me, but the Peppermint packs more of a punch.

Banana is one of the that I was hoping to like, but the doesn’t really come across. Could be my taste buds are completely destroyed from too many years of smoking. :mrgreen:

One mistake I made was to buy 2 bottles of Kahlua…..with so many options, it is hard to believe that I’ll ever get around to using more than one. Guess I just got carried away thinking about the real stuff! |||Thank you sooooooo much Cash!
That’s awesome.

Hey Smoky , we need some "sticky’s" here.|||Thanks for posting this - it will help out a lot… |||Not to sure if all the are oil based but came across this? it say’s it uses glycol

CaSHMeRe can you check it and let us know still kinda a newb LoL :twisted:|||It’s too bad th chili and garlic are oil based. My Thai friends would love them.||| ||| ||| flavoring is great for who lives within their delivering-region (or has help from within that of course ). Outside of that people of course would love other, just as good choices (still hunting around for my region for instance)

Oh a small warning for the tastes they have double, like peppermint (both oil and -glycol based): better doublecheck and perhaps underscore (for the shop-assistant) the articlenumbers of the right choice for those. Else you might end up with the wrong choice.|||I’m going to call them and ask what "natural" means.
I want to know if contains any sugar or other "sticky" substance.

I’ll let you know what they tell me. coffee, hazelnut and peach.

The coffee smells like a fresh cup of coffee.

Those 3 little bottles will last a long long time,because you just need a little.Thanks Sanneke, great idea will do

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Paging Dr jimldk

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by miniecigarette on the November 9th, 2008

Hi jimldk,
Being a doctor I was hoping you could help me with a few questions. I have access to some labratory grade and propolyne glycol solutions and I’m interested in trying to make some of my own . However due to ’s highly toxic nature I want to be sure not to poison myself :o According to Wikipedia (doing a search for ) contains approximately a dozen chemicals with proplyne glycol being the primary one (80%). I want to start by making a coffee flavored batch. Can you please supply me with a safe formula for making the and the "flavoring" agent. Many thanks for all you do.

Mark|||What is your strength and glycol solution strength?….Also your type of (plant type for eg,tobaccum?)…?

Need those info first and you need chemical sets for mixing ..all are miscible with water (preferred distilled water.)|||Hi Doc,
I just checked the catalogue and discovered that the solution they’re selling is very weak. They sell 100ml bottles and in the description it states 10ml = 1 cigarette. I’m going to see if I can locate another local and get back to you. Thanks.


||| No worries mark…that just about the right strength for solution…..What about PG strength ??

Coffee essence….Easiest method for pure coffee essence is using about 250 gm of roasted coffee beans hot of the pan(slow fire with constant stirring to even out the beans for at least 1 hour )..pour in 10 cups of cold water(that will split the beans even further releasing more aroma) and leave it standing for 12 hours(cover it proper or else you’ll get added extra flavours like insects )….Filter out the coffee beans and reheat the liquid over slow fire for at least 1 to 2 hours(the longer the more concentrate it becomes) to at least half the volume you start off with….test it out (sip a little’ll get a strong aromatic taste) ..Next job is to get rid of the Black color…Need a lot of multi layered Muslin cloth and a high grade filter paper(1 micron FP) and slow tedious job of slow filtering to get a light yellow liquid(not much left )…that will be it…Whew..sounds tedious but rewarding..My wife used it for Coffee cakes/cookies with my leftovers…Darn!!..I should be a cook.. |||Hi Doc,
Thats great news about the . I’ll check the catalogue about the PG strength and get back to you. Regarding the coffee beans, do you start out with fresh raw beans, or have they already been roasted once when purchased? Thanks.


|||Ahem….I cheated a bit…raw beans takes a lot of time to cook I used fresh roasted time bud |||coffee flavored smokes…. God, i love this group! I may start experimenting with Bourbon… |||Hey, I hope you cooks and chemists will make enough of your homemade brews and sell some to us members.

I don聮t cook. Will cook a fried egg in the AM but otherwise 聳 salads and frozen precooked foods.

And there doesn聮t seem to be any available here in the
||| |||Oh do tell Cindy - where did you purchase this miracle?quirky, I got a 30 ml bottle from "" However, after recommending that email address to someone eilse I found out the vendor will only sell the 30 ml bottles if you happen to buy an ecig from them which I had.

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How many cigs???

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by njoy on the November 9th, 2008

this issue has been tickling my mind ever since i got my e cig. I smoke med carts, and i just want to know how many small 2 second puffs are the equivalent to a normal 0.8mg nic fag. I’m sorry, this must have been asked lots of times before, but i cant seem to find it anywhere, please direct me too it if im being blind.

Thankyou all|||From what I can remember of the test report (-, two puffs with high (16mg) vapour = the same amount of as one puff on an average cigarette.

BUT the method of delivery is different, the potency is probably different and the rate of absorbsion is likely different. We haven’t yet got a way to compare the amount of that makes it to our bloodstream using the different methods of delivery.|||thanks kate, e-smoking is all to complicated lol, wish it was more simple and all the right research had been done already. I really like it though, gone of cigs almost completly. upkeeping the e cig is very expensive though |||It can sound a bit complicated, I agree. Partly that is to do with trying to replicate the properties of an ordinary cigarette such as taste and drug potency. If we take esmoking as a distinct practice, all it is is a way of delivering flavour, and vapour via inhalation. The ingredients and don’t have to be too complicated really but since we are enthusiasts we like to go over specifics to make sure we have dragged every possible point of interest out of the subject.

It would be good if we knew for sure it was safe but in the end we get to enjoy being pioneers and trying something relatively new. I like that about esmoking, it’s more exciting than tried and tested ‘hobbies’. I like to think of it in the same way some people like dangerous sports … it could be a health risk but it’s fun along the way.||| |||y’know, I’m glad this has been brought back up…because I am honest-to-God wondering about the addictive properties too.

I USED to smoke 30 "light" cigarettes a day, for decades. (ugh, that’s almost hard to believe now…) Anyway–at night the frequency varied, but during the workday I had ‘em at specific times, RARELY changing.

(1 at 7:30am, 2 at 9:00am, 1 at 10:30, 1 at noon, 2 after eating lunch, etc.)

If I didn’t have at least one at the specific time, the withdrawl would claw at me until I almost ran out of that office in a panic.

And now, after puffing on these medium or low carts (with no real cigs) for the last 3 months…

1. I puff on this thing all the time. Blast it! All the time–but I DON’T KNOW IF I NEED TO. I do it because it’s so…accessible. But when I wake up in the morning? I don’t have that "gotta have a cigarette before I do anything else" sort of feeling anymore…

2. Even if we are getting the equivalency of a cigarette puff with 2 hits off a strong cart e-cig (which I almost doubt, seems like it should be 3-4 puffs) we know we’re not getting the nic like before…is it possible it’s not as addictive now, because it doesn’t contain the carbon monoxide?

I guess I’m just wondering what I’m addicted to, and how bad it is. I mean, for 29 years it was easy to think "gotta have a cigarette"; but for some reason, "gotta have an e-cig" just doesn’t feel quite true!|||Not to mention the ammonia that cig companies added to their cigs in the last few years that intensifies the and makes it even more addictive. I watched Boston Legal last night and the trial in the episode was against a large tobacco company. The closing arguement by the plantiffs lawyer, made me so glad I am off analog cigs!!|||i feel i am a lot less addicted to e cig than i was to a normal cig aswell. When my broke and i had no e cig for the day, i hardly craved for a cig atall, it was very strange. I strongly believe that its not only down to the in a cig, its all the chemicals too. When i had one it tasted horrible. From now on i keep telling myself ‘they are horrible’ over and over again whenever i need one. It seems to ave worked for me, even though it does sound stupid.|||Darn, I wish I had seen that Boston Legal episode!

Freddo, what you said–it DOESN’T sound stupid. I did the exact same thing the first 2-3 weeks I quit ‘real’ smoking.

I KNOW I can’t try this again, but…when I first started using these e-cigs, and went a couple days without smoking, I thought "it CAN’T be this easy, it just can’t, I smoked for almost 30 years" and so I got a real one and lit it up.

This was only after 2 days of not having one, and already I was shocked by how godawful it tasted, and acrid, and HEAVY (the smoke).

Now that it’s been 80 days since my last real one, I bet it’d be even worse.

I just decided, I’m not gonna make anymore complaints or whiny inquiries about the safety of these things. For the people who replaced analog smoking with e-puffing, it has to be WORLDS safer. These things are (quite literally, IMHO) life-savers.

(I just wish I knew why I’ve been dreaming of real cigs so much lately! In the past week or so, it’s been almost every night…why now, after all this this time has passed?) There’s no way in hell I’d go back to real cigs.|||I think that there are other things about cigarettes that we sometimes crave like the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide dizzyness from lack of oxygen to the brain.

We might be getting more into our bloodstreams with esmoking, we might be getting less. Some hardened smokers have reported overdose symptoms with esmoking so it wouldn’t surprise me if we found it to be more potent than cigs.

Thanks Naz We’re all pioneers aren’t we, a whole new sub-culture is starting to develop around esmoking. I feel very lucky to have found it sooner rather than later.

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had a thought about the issues and need help

Posted in Tips & Tricks by Ruyan E-Cigarette on the November 9th, 2008

Hey all.

So i have a feeling that the atomizers failing has to do with heating of the solutions. for example, e-cig liquid seems to be much worse for atomizers than liquid. I think it has to do with solids forming when heating.

Here is my thought. If we could find a solution that would cut(or dissolve) the solids but not destroy the atomizers then maybe we could get these things to last longer.

It has to be something that is either non-toxic when heated, or has to completely dry so we aren’t inhaling nasty fumes. any ideas?

Flux-cleaner was a thought as it is supposed to dry with no residue, but i don’t know if it will affect the , or how long it will take to completely dry.

any thoughts?

-Dusty-|||Dr. Loi probably knows more about this than anybody. Let’s hope he chimes in. In the meantime, I wonder if liquor might not help. There are alcohol inhalers, after all (banned in Florida for any use!). And we use rubbing alcohol to clean the . I have also used alcohol-based extract as a part of the smoking fluid — but I don’t know what it’s doing to the .

If this could help clean an , we might do something like 80% PG, 20% alcohol in the of our choice (I’ll use Kahlua, thank you, or creme de cacao). Or, for , 80% tasteless extra high nic and 20% Kahlua liquor. A double whammy perhaps?

One other note: E-Cig fluids darken cartridges. Their explanation was that the tobacco extract they use is the cause. Note that announced its fluid would not contain tobacco extract after last November. Their cartridges don’t darken. Soooo…the has particulates suspended in the water/PG fluid. Those particulates darken cartridges. Those particulates might be the reason atomizers clog on E-Cig fluid but not fluid.

And could those tobacco extract particulates build up on the walls of our lungs?||| |||Sure do. I was editing my post while you were posting.|||Hey TB
The liquid from Freesmoke doesn’t darken in the cartridges even over quite a long time so maybe they don’t add tobacco flavours.|||i dont trust e-cigs liquid anymore.i reckon its bunged up two of my atomisers-the only two i use it with!knutselpeter reckons it ruins atomisers too.who regulates these people?nobody it seems-they probably make it with stock cubes.time to look for other suppliers(not so easy for usa folks,i know) and buy new atomisers,methinks…hope you find a solution rat.|||as do i… as do i|||Mr. Darcy and RatInDaHat,
Do you not trust eliquids for use in any way? For example, not even for taking out the filter material and soaking it in an elquid?|||so far, not the . i think that is the cause of my problems. I have heard that strong don’t help either. like pineapple is supposed to be the worst, where as flue-cured isn’t too bad.

-Dusty-|||not eliquids in general,just e-cigs liquid.maybe im wrong,but after looking at the evidence of my own experience,and listening to the opinions of people who are much more experienced and knowledgeable than i am,like knutselpeter-whos a bit of an esmoking guru-i just have come to the conclusion that it isnt the best stuff we can use regarding the longevity of our equipment.however,for some its the only viable option at present for financial and supply we are in a bind right sure options will improve in time.

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Rechargeable Ruyan Vegas copy ? anyone seen ?

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by njoy on the November 9th, 2008

Found this on ebay (item no.270277507541), looks very like a throwaway vegas buts its rechargable with spare carts.

Might place a bid or am i gonna have to fight for it ?||| |||all yours for 拢12.99 postage

CLICK ME KIT||| |||looks good who gonna take the plunge?||| |||Am i right in saying it does 1800 drags and has 3 carts which means 3×1800 which is alot of puffing for 拢18|||hey matttty just noticed your in stoke so am i ||| ||| Hi Mattty, that dude’s selling two of ‘em and I put in for the other one. If it’s as good as the throwaway I got from HG I’ll have no complaints (always assuming I don’t get outbid, that is)

EmpThe sellers i can see put their items in different categories, not in "quit smoking"(eBay UK) or "smoking cessation"(eBay US) category. The just limit to buy items from these two categories.

Here is the message when i try to see item :

"Dear User:

Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries. We are blocking your viewing in an effort to prevent restricted items from being displayed. Regrettably, in some cases, we may prevent users from accessing items that are not within the scope of said restrictions because of limitations of existing technology. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope you may find other items of interest on eBay."its a shame DX dosnt sell spare parts and buyer selectable types.. but DX is about selling everything on the planet and supporting nothing well..

a dse 901 generic holds about half a militre.. about 2/3s of which is usable.. the rest stays in the cart.. a nice size for topping up.. the later super minis hold less and are too small..


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USB charging the DSE901

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by ecigarettes on the November 9th, 2008

I see does a USB charger for his ecigs but someone complained on the suppliers forum it takes too long!

I think it may be down to well behaved USB ports that give very little power just enough to ask the connected device what power it needs and of course, the USB charger has no USB electronics to tell the computer to give it the max power!! I am not sure tho. I notice most just chuck out 500ma which is nice.

If the USB works to charge the batteries as fast as a mains charger, I am thinking a powered USB hub is a great way to have many chargers connected at once and ya don’t need a computer!!!! The spider picture of many connected chargers from one of them multi plugs to the mains comes to mind tho I cannot remember who posted it!|||its not the way usb ports work dude.. they simple supply 5 volts at a theoretical 500 mah max.. the plugged in device controls the power..

a properly designed usb charger should be well up to charging an e cig .. my 901 charger puts out 100 mah.. 1/5 the power a single usb port is capable of putting out..

a powered hub should charge a whole bunch of e cig batteries with no problem.. a normal usb port would charge a much larger than the e cig one with no problem.. like a 2000 mah one in four hours.. it could blast a baby e cig in half an hour.. flat to fully charged..

never believe a word u read on forums dude.. he he he

unless u know and respect the source..

trog|||Hmm good point, my 4 year old pocket PC still charges in a few hours on USB and its got a huge ! My old self-build piece of crap PC I had long ago had one great freature - its USB ports stayed powered even when the computer was off! I bet plugging in 10 ecig chargers would have overloaded the standby voltage from the powersupply just a little I am guessing tho hehe especially being an AMD Craplon, ya know the ones that always had bad capacitors on the motherboard |||cheap chinese bad capacitors.. he he

i untill six months ago i ran an amd system.. they had intel beat.. now intel are back in front and sadly amd will never catch up again.. reluctantly i moved back to intel.. my current intel chip is running at 4 gigahertz sweet as a dream.. twice the performance of the best amd has to offer..

once every eighteen months i turn into a computer geek.. gen it all up spend four months as a benchmarking freak on the techpowerup enthusiasts forum doing pretty much like i do here..

when its all done and have have got a machine i know is the tops.. sanity returns i lose interest and i just use the bugger like anyones else does.. he he

Super Pi 1m scores - techPowerUp! Forums

thats my five month old score.. trog100.. it will stay near the top for quite some time.. till i have my next geek phase.. he he

trog|||I have two of these USB charges which also have wall socket built into it as well.
I thought it would take a lot longer to charge in the computer like some of my other because of the power output of USB.
But to be honest it doesn’t seem to be any difference whether it’s in the USB computer or wall socket in charging times.|||c-cig china sold straight plug in the wall powered e cigs.. folks said why bother with a computer why not just plug into the wall..

but the thought of connecting myself directly up to the 240 volt mains.. one end in the wall socket and the other in my mouth with any cheap chinese made device kinda horrifies me

it is kind of amusing thow.. i see old cartoon like images in my mind of a chap with lightening flashes coming out of his head..

an electrifying experience possibly.. he he he..

trog|||LOL!! I would love one of those adapted for the 901, tho maybe the usb one and then…and then comes a REAL use for that overpriced iPod USB charger - the one with just an USB port on the front!

iSmoke don’t breathe this!||| |||that benchmark is how long a machine takes to calculate PI to one million decimal places.. your old dell would take roughly twenty five times as long to do it as my machine.. around four minutes..

its one of my hobbies i dont really need it.. the motherboard is running an fsb of 1800 mhz it should be 1333.. the dual core cpu is running at 4000 mhz it should be 3000.. for benchmark scores it runs at 1900 fsb and the cpu at 4500 mhz

i just like taking a cpu i pay intel 150 quid for and making it go faster than something they would have me pay a 1000 quid for if i was daft enough.. the machine has two high power 512 meg graphics cards and 4 gigs of system memory..

it all auto throttles down when browsing and such.. if it didnt my power bill would be thru the roof..

total overkill but it makes me feel nice.. he he

trog|||My hobby with PCs has turned into the complete opposite, I now seek out the smallest most power efficient and quiet machines I can find and experiment with operating systems to find the one that runs great on hardware like that. I have a small router sized computer called a LEX, it is a pathetic VIA Eden 466MHz fella but its fanless, it has a laptop hard drive but once booted from CF a very useable OS with web browser, music player etc, why didn’t I keep it like that!? The damn people who built it put in the crappiest sounding soundcard I have everr heard!! Such a shame.I used to be OTT with my machines aswell at one point I was messing around with evoparative cooling towers and thermoelec cooling so I could seriously overclock but the constant rain forest noise from the 6 foot cooling towers was enough to drive anyone mad LOL (not to mention the hum from the pond pump). Now I just have a fast slacer CPU overclocked with a Tuniq120 cooler in a sound prof aliminium case it’s fast quiet and has enough kick to play with when im in a geeky mood(not so often nowerdays). It’s funny everyone seems to want the fastest machine they can lay there hands on, I used to get people comming into my shop and asking me to build them the fastest machine I could for X amount of cash so there son/daughter can surf the web and do there homework, the reply was aslways do they realy need all that power when a budget pc will do all that just aswell?

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Alternative cartridge design

Posted in Tips & Tricks by njoy on the November 9th, 2008

dx.sku.14562 cartridges hold very little liquid so I made a little modification. Original design has a little pod that sits inside the cartridge.
This piece of plastic is meant to replace the pod and is made of thin flexible "packaging plastic" that is bent to fit inside cartridge. I made a little curve to the tip with heated metal to allow better air flow. To hold liquid, I’m using normal tip filter cut in half and made little puffier. Works quite well and I have not found signs of plastic melting. Getting sufficient liquid flow to when cartridge is running out seems to be the only problem so far.

ready_to_use.jpg|||Cool- another innovator like myself- cool design jigtg. If it works alot better than the standard cartridges, perhaps you could market these mods It certainly looks like quite an innovative design idea, it could give new life to hte failed mini cigarrette concept, making it a much more attractive choice for htose that want mini eciggs, but are put off by the short cartridge life, hard draw, and plastic taste of mini cartridges. The Cigg filter tip idea is a great idea too|||I wish I could see that 2nd picture a little better. Pretty hard to decipher inside there!

Either way, LOVE the idea! Keep up the good work!|||Original cartridge actually has a similar passage for vapor. Under the pod, there is ~5mm of space that seems to serve no purpose so I don’t think they even wanted to make a cartridge that holds much liquid.

Did another one but this time bended the plastic slips from vapor holes inside so they make a somewhat steady surface, thus resulting in better contact with when thick layer of filling is placed on top of it. Since it also regulates how much liquid gets through, I placed much less filling inside the liquid container. Down side being that liquid is more likely to leak out from the actual liquid container. Vapor thickness and stability was great for a good while after which something happened and it stopped working. I suspect top and down fillings might of lost contact or something.

It should look like this:
Vapor goes out from gaps on both sides.|||If you get a good design figured out, keep me informaed and I’ll try it with my crappy mini ecigg that tastes like a burnign straw and only lasts a couple of ciggs worth. I’ts just sitting around collecting dust because of htose two issues right now.|||Did some calculations and this cart can hold only ~0.78ml if filling and vapor holes are left out altogether. According to that would mean only ~8 cigarettes. Original cart holded about 0.33ml(assuming no filling) as I recall. Some sloppy calculations I did suggest my version would hold ~0.33ml(assuming no filling) as well. Counted ~60 puffs with my last version which would give about 4 cigs, so something isn’t right here. Maybe I just don’t inhale that deep.

BTW, dx sells various cigarette holders with filters. sku.8244 for instance looks promising. Others seem to have smaller built-in containers. Looks like others might hold pure without filling though. Some might even be usable for diy . Oh well, easier to buy and see.|||60 puffs would be 6 cigarettes- I get 10 puffs per real cigg, these are standard ciggs though, not hte 100’s|||pen_cartridge.png
Third version. This is for penstyle with vapor gaps on sides(forgot to draw them). Holds pure liquid as you can see. I dont think this being able to hold pure liquid makes the card hold any more but it stabilizes liquid flow and since theres that plastic support, makes good contact with . I’m using this on my sailebao(=????????????=) dse801 with excellent results. The one I’m currently using is a bit different but this should be just as good if not better. Ideally that plastic slip should be just a tid smaller than cart inner diameter so that it acts like a spring. Little gap on the bottom helps liquid to flow from side to side. Density of the filling and how deep inside cart it goes is the key factor here. Thicker than normal cigarette filter is a good start.

Unfortunatelly it is fairly difficult to make a liquid holding seal at home so it’s a no go for my mini.

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E-cig ban in Turkey?

Posted in Law & the E-Cigarette by janty on the November 8th, 2008

I think I’ve read somewhere saying that Turkey was going to suspend the sales of e-cigarettes in Jan. I’m wondering if this ban still exists or is there any more recent information on this ban? Is this ban on advertising only? or is it the sales of all E cig brands…? And is the brand an exception since I thought follows all the rules and should import and sell perfectly legally. I’m a bit worried that other countries might follow, since e-cigarettes are often loosely regulated and I’m sure that they do need some sort of regulations in the end. I would appreciate if any Trukish users of or other E-cig brand users can shed some light on this.

Oh another thing I’d like to know is that are there similiar /regulations in other OECD countries? Thank you.|||Yes there is a ban in turkey. This is because it was being imported as an insecticide. They say it should be imported under supervision of their health ministry, but must first be tested for safety as a "quit-smoking product." says it has received no notice of a ban on their product in turkey, but think the ban is on imposter . says that their product was approved by other governments and is licensed to sell them. So, it seems there is a ban, but says they haven’t been notified and continue to operate there. This is the best info. i have on it so far.|||I ran across the article discussed in this topic.

Electronic Cigarettes go up in deep smoke

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Health Ministry suspends the sale of electronic cigarettes, which were imported into the country under the definition of pesticide. Experts dismiss claims that it is a ‘harmless’ way to quit smoking, arguing that it is just as addictive and harmful as regular cigarettes

ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

A sales suspension imposed on electronic cigarettes and its cartridges by the Health Ministry due to the high risk of addiction they pose and the possibility of them hampering with efforts to quit smoking has spurred huge debate.

Serious question marks are being raised about the popular anti-smoking device and why it has taken so long for the ministry to intervene.

Health Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Turan Buzgan, speaking at a press conference Tuesday, said the ministry had found that there were certain problems linked to the import of the electronic cigarettes. “They are imported as insecticide even though they need to enter the country as anti-smoking drugs, or if they are tools then under the supervision of the Health Ministry. There was a procedural discrepancy which we warned authorities about,” Buzgan said.

Electronic cigarettes, which first entered the Turkish market a year and a half ago, sell for between YTL 200 and 500, with replacement cartridges costing YTL 30-40.

Buzgan said the decision to suspend the sale of electronic cigarettes should not be seen as a step toward banning them, and added, “these products should abide by Health Ministry standards. They should be inspected and the necessary regulations will be passed. There is no ban on the sale or the import of these products.”

He said the content of the product had to be at an acceptable level, or else it could become an addictive substance.


Industry Minister Zafer 脟ağlayan, in a written statement regarding the suspension, said the product was currently being inspected and if there was a procedural deficiency, the product, which is sold both in pharmacies and other shops, may be confiscated nationwide.

He said investigation on the claims of deceiving consumers through electronic cigarettes will be assessed at the Advertising Council meeting Jan. 15.

Causes cardiac disease and high blood pressure:

Health Ministry Drugs and Pharmacy Director Mahmut Toka莽 said the electronic cigarettes could cause cardiac disease and high blood pressure due to its high content, just like regular cigarettes.

Toka莽 said the product didn’t have any tar so may not be cancerous, but was just as harmful as regular cigarettes when it came to other diseases, the Anatolia news agency reported.

He said the advertisement that said electronic cigarettes were harmless is false, and added, “ dosages in cartridges used in the cigarettes vary, but it is impossible to accurately adjust the dosage. There is in this product and it is seriously harmful to health.”

He said one firm had applied to them to get their approval but their application was rejected prior to sending a letter to the Industry Ministry asking for a ban on the product.

Emphasizing that is the most dangerous element among 4,800 poisonous chemicals in cigarettes, the vice president of the Foundation Combating Smoking, Kıyas G眉ng枚r, argued nothing that contains can help people quit smoking. “Quitting smoking is possible only if one can stay away from , but these electronic cigarettes increase addiction,” he said, and added that he supports the Health Ministry’s sales suspension on these cigarettes.

“Apart from the other effects, electronic cigarettes that are used unconsciously is harmful for both the smoker and the people around,” said Cerrahpaşa Faculty, Pulmonary Diseases professor Ahmet Rasim K眉莽眉kusta.

He said the cigarettes contain , which is indeed a chemical used as an insecticide.

People who are impressed with advertisements that introduce these cigarettes as “harmless” and smoke it are deceived; moreover they might suffer seriously, according to K眉莽眉kusta.

The professor said those who had quit smoking in the past could also be deceived into smoking once again by using electronic cigarettes.

Ankara University Public Health Department Professor, Recep Akdur, said the electronic cigarettes are being presented as a tool for giving up smoking but this claim has not been proved yet. “Presenting the e-cigarettes as a tool of quitting smoking is misleading and unethical,” he said.

Suspension welcomed:

National Tobacco Control Program Coordinator Professor Nazmi Bilir from Hacettepe University welcomed the suspension, noting that addiction to tobacco had two aspects. The addiction to and the behavioral addiction. “Use of electronic cigarettes entails both these addictions. The smoker both gets the and also lights and smokes a cigarette.”

He said electronic cigarettes were not an advancement in combatting smoking but just the opposite.

: There must be imitations:

One producer, Hong-Kong based ’s Turkey representative, Selahattin Ayg眉ler, released a statement soon after the suspension saying his firm was the creator and sole licensed seller of electronic cigarettes, arguing that their success rate in getting customers to quit stood at 77 percent.

He said that the new suspension must have been aimed at stopping the sale of imitation products, which the firm itself had lodged complaints about.

“No such decision has been communicated to us. Electronic cigarettes are based on World Health Organization (WHO) approved treatment methods,” he said.

Ayg眉ler said their electronic cigarettes locked themselves once the user puffed on it 16 times in a row. “ cartridges were tested and approved by Eskişehir Anatolia University. We are establishing an cartridge factory in Turkey. This will earn Turkey $100 million. Countries like Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, which have stringent controls, have told us they would like to purchase these products from us.”

Not so successful:

Writer Hayri Cem is one of those who tried to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, but he was better at quitting electronic cigarettes than he was with regular cigarettes.

“I smoked electronic cigarettes for a week. It doesn’t make you feel like you are smoking, neither does it stop you from getting the urge to smoke,” Cem said.

He also noted that advertisements promoting the harmlessness of electronic cigarettes made him smoke even more of them. “There is no way that it can help quit smoking. You don’t get the sense of joy you get from smoking normal cigarettes either,” he added.


It is rod slightly longer than an ordinary cigarette, with a mouthpiece that contains a replaceable cartridge filled with liquid.

The liquid contains and glycol. When air flows through the device, a microprocessor activates an , which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air. This produces a vapor mist that is inhaled by the user. The addition of glycol to the liquid makes the mist better resemble regular cigarette smoke. It not only simulates cigarette smoke but also the temperature of common cigarette’s smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius).

The units use a rechargeable as a power source. Energy produced by the is enough to heat the inside and produce smoke like regular cigarettes do.

漏 Copyright Dogan Daily News Inc. |||the bottom line here is that officialdom wont let what they consider another new highly addictive product into their brave new world..

skol bandits were banned in the UK on this principle.. the "safer than" argument is dead in the water..

one good thing might come of this.. the big guys know this and will not waste their time bringing the product to mothers attention.. if it stays low key long enough it might not get interfered with.. in the UK so far no one has heard of it and i hope it stays this way..

trog|||I share your hope. The longer this stays off the radar, the better things will be for all of us who use these daily in place of regular cigarettes. Do not make waves with public challenges. A photo of an e-smoker on the front page of a London tabloid, arrested for disobeying a "no smoking" order, will serve only to alert authorities to initiate a ban on this troublesome product that caused the uproar.

This article helps us understand Norminall’s frustrations with getting delivery in Turkey.

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Is there a better atomizer design?

Posted in Product feature & design requests by nicotine on the November 8th, 2008

I started a thread for the or a few months ago.…–t272s50.html
All was going fine until a burnt taste about a month into smoking it. I’ve since gone through 3 atomizers, which aren’t expensive, but I’m just wondering if all other ecig atomizers are constructed the same way. The Huge design flaw in these is there is a synthetic fiber that the vaporizing element/wire is wrapped around that is used to keep the around the coil. If the fiber gets the slightest bit dry or too hot, it will burn. You may not notice this at first, but eventually it will burn to the point where you can taste/smell it. Now I have tried removing the fiber completely, but as I suspected, it is what is keeping the heating coil from up completely, which it did after the first puff, it snapped. So if anyone has taken apart or knows how other atomizers are constructed, ones that have a more permanent method of vaporizing , please let me know, as I’d like to buy one and get away from this design.||| |||Here’s a quick cross section I drew in ms paint of the showing where the fiber is.

The heating element is coiled around this fiber, the capillary effect leaches onto the fiber via the steel wool via the cartridge and when the coil heats up it’s vaporized. If there is no , or if the coil gets too hot, the fiber burns, and eventually you will start to taste this. After a while the fiber turns into a little black lump and your is rendered useless.|||Nice job, Jarvis! Obviously you’re not just another pretty face! :mrgreen:|||There’s another thread on this, so yes, other membbers have noticed the too. They’re like the wick in a candle.|||I like the drawing. Now I know where the fibre is suppose to be. Thanks…|||
In this picture that I also posted in the thread you can also see, right under the vaporizing coil (F), the black lump and crumbs that the fiber has fused into.||| |||Answer to question:

Yes; these are, to loosely quote TB, dumbed down versions of the original patent. But no; I’ve seen none of the superior designs marketed for sale to the public yet. There is a lonely thread in Tips and Tricks in which a few people are discussing home built construction of atomizers.||| This is a company wholesale center, liquid and is all in one item. One shot use until liquid is gone than get another one and pop it in, no worry if the burns out. :o GREAT DESIGN I have got one on the way but any who here is the site :twisted: … ticleid=30

And here is a VID

Bob I think ya talked me into buying soem E-Cigars from DealExtreme. Hows the vapor on them? I need good vapor. For that price htough I could buy 4 a month and still be nearly $100 cheaper than my regular cigarettes cost @ $13.60 for two packs of MarlboroI have a gamucci and this is a different It is more of a ball of metal than a strip. It has been going strong for a while now. I also have a few cheap back ups I got for 拢4.99 and they seem ok as well so maybe I am just lucky.

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