Nicotine Levels and Harshness

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Should a higher level cartridge feel more harsh than a lower level cartridge?

The reason I ask is because the high level cartridges I got from Meltrex are fairly harsh. I notice it especially when I keep the smoke in my mouth and then exhale through my nose, without really ever inhaling. It’s like exhaling glass shards, and they’re pissed off about it.

Just to calm fears about the harshness being due to something stuck in the , I switched to one of my old NJoy cartridges that contain zero liquid squeezed from a Crown7 cartridge. The harshness quickly dissipated.

So, the harshness is down to either the content of the cartridges, or something about the cartridges themselves.

Any ideas?

Oh, I guess I should mention that the I’m experiencing harshness from are Strawberry and Apple, and the cartridge that I tried that wasn’t harsh (from Crown7) is Vanilla.|||I think it might be the quality of the . I’d been noticing that harsh, stinging sensation on and off, and it took me a while to narrow down when I was feeling it, and when I wasn’t. I finally figured out that I was feeling it with’s , and not so much with some manufacturer’s cartridges, like . It took me so long in part because I was smoking menthol, which has its own kind of burn. Recently I switched entirely to ’s cartridges, squeezing a few of them to fill the other brands’ cartridges. Amazing difference. No harshness at all, other of course than the normal dry throat. I’m waiting on an order of’s new liquid. I am expecting that it’ll be the same as ’s, and If so, I’d highly recommend you switch to that.|||i just tried holding some in my mouth then without inhaling forcing out thru my nose.. the back of my nose didnt like the experience.. i think its more down to the vapour then the content.. i recon the same effect would be had with simple steam.. i could be wrong thow its not something i do often.. he he

a weird sensation..

trog|||Well, I got a new in the mail from NJoy today and the stinging sensation is still there, so I guess I can rest assured it’s not something horrible coming from the .

I’m going to try some cartridges, I guess, because the ones I have are just too harsh. Do anyone know if the carts fit the NJoy? You have both a and an NJoy , don’t you leaford?|||No, they’re not compatable. You can pull the filler from them and put it in an Njoy cartridge. Or get some of’s liquid. I just got some, and so far it seems like the same.||| ||| |||I do. And your inhaler analogy is dead on. Those buggers burn. Ditto for the patch and skin irritation. It’s the — and a lesser amount should cause lesser irritation. I’ve yet to start stepping down in strength, but plan to soon. Sometimes, the harshness of the 24mg liquid is so abrupt that I reflexively hack-cough at the irritation. If manufacturers are smart, they’ll add buffers to stop that irritation. That’s what menthol does in regular cigarettes. It soooooothes.|||What about your and stonewall TB, what are they like for irritation/harshness? I know from personal experience that with nrt lozenges that it gets sooooo bad at first they actually give you hiccups! (Had them for two days solid the first time round, thought I was gonna go insane!)|||That does happen, particularly with strong . Plus, some new users experience a "burn" so powerful they have to spit out a pouch. I still get the burn, but it’s not unpleasant. Stonewalls have no side effects, as I’ve used them. Pipe tobacco is unique, too, in its ability to create "tongue bite" so painful a person can’t drink a liquid or brush teeth. It took me years of experimentation to find the perfect "no bite" pipe tobacco for me.

The flavored usually do not produce any burn, however. So I prefer milder ones, especially the white minis.

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