Nicotine absorption .

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When smoking a cigarette enters the body, it is distributed quickly through the bloodstream and can cross the blood-brain barrier. On average it takes about seven seconds for the substance to reach the brain when inhaled. The half life of in the body is around two hours.The amount of inhaled with tobacco smoke is a fraction of the amount contained in the tobacco leaves. The amount of absorbed by the body from smoking depends on many factors, including the type of tobacco, whether the smoke is inhaled, and whether a filter is used. For chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco and snuff, which are held in the mouth between the lip and gum, or taken in the nose, the amount released into the body tends to be much greater than smoked tobacco. (TB) lol
But how long does it take for the e-cig to hit the system.
its far longer than a cigarette thats for sure.
this is why we over use it.because the effects are drastically slower acting,more like (NRT) patches in effect.

Does any body know how long from inhale to absorption the takes in an e-cig ?|||the theory would be that it takes the same amount of time, but delivers a lower quantity per puff. That could explain it. I also might just be full of it.

-Dusty-|||I have to agree with Dusty, whether you are smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette or you are vaping an e-cig the delivery mechanism is the same. With the e-cig it is possible that you are just not delivering the same quantity of as you would with each inhalation from a tobacco cigarette… Of course you are also not delivering all the other wonderful chemicals to your lungs and brain…

Phil|||well my understanding is that latest figures suggest its 5 puffs=1 cig puff…so in theory if you take 5 good hits form an ecig they should equal 1 drag of a fag…

minus the immediate headrush you get with a fag of course…but then again,without the chemicals either.|||Actual Ive heard the added chemicals in a cigarette cause absorption far quicker than an e-cig which just has pg and additives!
I think theres more to it ?|||I believe Dusty’s on target (and certainly not full of it ). And so is Kit. What I mean is that inhalation is going to introduce the at the same rate whether it’s a standard cigarette or an . The difference, as Dusty pointed out, is that a cigarette is going to provide a much higher density level than an e-cig will. It’s basically the same principal as to why ‘Light’ cigarettes are really no better for you than Regulars; your body still wants the same amount of , so to compensate, you simply wind up smoking more.

However, we also know that yes, tobacco companies have indeed manipulated the manner in which their cigarettes deliver the into the system - forcing them to relay in artificially faster, higher and efficient ways. This is really the reason they’re getting into trouble. Well, this and…um, they kill people.

|||Good answer Macfan ||| |||I think regular ciggs absorb much faster as they are manipulated to give that rush that smokers crave- we’re an impatient lot, and companies capitalized on this. I know it takes me a lot of drags with ecig to calm the urge, and even hten it isn’t in my opinion nearly as effective- it seems ot be just enough to calm, but barely- I’ll find myserlf lighting up after having toked the ecig for 10 minutes- I try not to, but sometimes the ecig just isn’t cuttign it||| I just got my 24 mg liquid from Johnson Creek- it does indeed taste great, however, I’m still finding it’s not quite enough- perhaps it’s just psychological, but it just doesn’t seem to give enough of the nic rush- For hte first few ciggs worth of epuffin, it’s pretty good, but after that, I still find I can’t forego real ciggs- but again- maybe it’s just all in my mind- but then again, maybe it’s a physical deficit of Nic too- I can’t seem ot wrap my mind aroudn hte fact that I’m still getting Nic with hte ecigs for some reason

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