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Hi, has anyone tried the e-cigarettes from ?

Are they reliable?|||I have just bought the Mini Cigarette V2 from an ebay seller. Cost me 拢34 delivered. I’ll write a and stick some photos up after Ive used it for a while.

First impression: Nice presentation box, digging straight in to look at Cigarette itself. Its not much bigger than a cig which I was very pleased about as I didn’t want to look like I was smoking a tampax!
Quite weighty which feels ok in hand. Id be happy to smoke it in public - it looks much better than these pencil long e-cigs out there.

First couple of uses: Not very impressed. I cant work out which way to put the cartridge in? Open end or closed end touching the element? The manual doesnt say. Anyone help me with this…..?

Well trying it closed end touching and open end towards mouth piece - one suck and my mouth filled with liquid nasty!!! This nearly emptied cartridge so I tried it the other way round. Not so bad but still getting some liquid in my mouth.

After trying a different cart it smokes ok sometimes but you really have to pull on it. Visible smoke sometimes (rarely) but you dont feel it on the throat or lungs. The pull seems quite random - sometimes smoke/vapour other times nothing so I cant be sure its working. Tastes like cherry and smoke machine vapour. Quite woody. Not terrible but not great.

I really dont see the cartridge lasting long and it appears to leak into and mouth piece.
Also it shows me that smoking is abit stupid - all the effort im making sucking on this thing to only get a sweet wood taste in my mouth! mmmmm maybe back to the rollies for now.

Full and pics to come (if its not already been done)|||Hi guys.I just bought same cigarette from ebay.(I looked for mini ,and the seller is mycigsshop).I only mention the seller because the guy was really nice,Y got my cigarette in two days and the guy answered all my questions .(And it was $41 with shipping)
Anyway,the . I think it actually works great.I already own the Njoy cigarette,and I think the mini works just as good, lots of vapor and without effort.Now the only thing I don’t like is the taste.I think the Njoy taste(regular) is better.(I also tried the
Smart fixx cartridges and they fit the Njoy well but I didn’t like the taste either).
I"ll try the mini with the Njoy liquid and see how I like it.And I will also try refilling the mini cartridge with Njoy, I guess I would have to cut a piece of the thing inside the Njoy cartridge . because the one in the mini is a lot smaller.
One last thing, the manual is not clear,but the cartridge goes with the open side on the ,just like Njoy.
I hope a really good taste comes around,and then I’ll be completely sold on e cigs.Any suggestions?.|||I have one of those exact same Mini Ecigs. Bought mine off of ebay too. I agree, the taste is something awful. My first time use, I got a mouthfull of that nasty .. Took some getting used to on smoking… only thing with mine, is I have to puff hard several times to get some decent vapor action going. The size is quite nice but then again so is the cartridge :mrgreen: . I don’t think I even get 10 cigs worth out of one. Do you get a wet bubbly sound while inhaling? I do, and this makes it very challenging to puff hard and not get liquid in my mouth… I can get it to work though.. I call this one my need stress to e-smoke cig. :roll: Since All Ecigs (IMO more to the minis) are not created equal, I probably have a flaky one. Let me know how your changing liquid works out as far as taste goes..|||Well , I ordered the menthol no from Njoy and I like it a lot.( I never liked menthol cigarettes so this is new for me).
Anyway , I really hated the taste of the minicigarette,and I wanted to see if I could use the Njoy in it.So I cut a piece of the membrane from the Njoy cartridge , and put it into the small mini cartridge.(The previous night , I washed the empty cartridge and of the mini with warm water to get rid of the old taste, and let it dry overnight after removing as much water as I could).
The result , fantastic. A lot of vapor with good taste and I like the shape of the mini because it looks like a real cigarette.
The only downside is that it doesn’t last as long as a full size cartridge in the Njoy,so you have to it with a few drops,
but then again I don’t smoke that much.|||What the heck?

Just because you guys bought the similar looking product on eBay, you cannot assume that quality of other products.

Look at Njoy and ’s. They look the same, but are they the same quality? no.

eBay is absolutely the worst place you can go for products. It’s filled with the lowest quality atomizers.

The heck, the health brand is the WORST by far.

Avoid eBay like plague.

If you want the best quality , get it from the original

The shortest however is, the one from

Hope it helps.|||whoa whoa whoa, no need to knock the dealextreme brands that bad. I got an e- and it works fine, even though the charger sucks. Yes, and it does feel clogged, but maybe its just me. Either way, I popped in a new cartridge and used a, somewhat fresh , and get plenty of smoke despite the limited airflow. Ok… fine… knock em all you want. I’ve had some problems as listed, but for 25 bucks, I think i get more than I paid for, especially since i can return it for a new one if I want, which i may… maybe. P.S. free shipping :mrgreen:|||Fumador, I ordered the exact same mini e-cig from eBay. The guy was nice and responded to my questions immediately. I had to pay $15 extra for Canadian shipping and it has not arrived yet. Regardless I’m looking forward to this e-cig. I bought it primarily to drip into as I don’t wish to void the warranty on my NJoy.|||Right on, Eric. I’d recommend DealExtreme to anyone. Great company. Free shipping. Unbeatable prices. My Health e- is almost three months old, and has worked flawlessly since day one. I bought the two Health mini cigs for something like $36 and had a bad arrive. They refunded me $18 within a week. That remaining mini cig pales sometimes in comparison to my e- and E-Cig , but then it perks up. I use it daily. I have an $18 mini cig with a charger, two atomizers and 10 cartridges! Would I buy from DealExtreme again? In a heartbeat.|||Ravenbuster, hi there. Yes I tried with the mini and it worked just fine.Good luck.

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