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YouTube - video review and demo

|||another good …and welcome back Leaford…where you been mate?|||Leaford, I’m sorry to say that I cannot hear anything you are saying, even with volume maximized on my laptop.

I really want to hear this … Could we all take up a collection and buy you a Radio Shack clip-on mike for about $14?|||SOrry, Mr. Darcy, I’ve had migraines lately and didn’t feel like going online. I should’ve dropped a line, I guess. I’m still not used to being part of a forum community, instead of a lurker, I guess.

TB, OK, point taken, I’ll get a mic. I HAVE a Mike already, but he doesn’t help. |||You gotta get the loongtotem for a - if that mini vapor was a 3.7, the loong will be a 9 (although it will suffer in other departments liek charge length & cut off for inhaling (I only get 3-4 seconds- too short in my view- but you can immediately take another). I doubt loong would give ya one ot , but might be worth a try asking- they are loathe to do anythign htough to pelase the consumer.

The mini you looks liek it gives more vapor than the SmartFixx mini, and looks easier to draw. Will be itnerestign to see how it’s still performing in a week or two. Nice |||Leaford, we’re living right. I got a private message not long ago informing me I was being sent one of these models for testing, the same one you tested. I did not request it, but thanked the sender. I’ve had it about a week now and have used all six cartridges.

You have created a fine formula for evaluating e-smoking products and I will neither copy nor add to what you have done. I’ll simply complement your comments with some observations from my use. They don’t differ dramatically from yours.

First off, I think it looks classy. The vertical lines on the practically need a magnifying glass to see, and don’t detract from the beauty of this cigarette. I’m not fond of the "mini cigarette" scripting at the base of the , however. It’s done in gold lettering with a distinctly feminine font.

The compact appearance might lead one to believe this is a combined cart/, a disposable. But the is covered by the cartridge and this is really a three-piece unit. It manages to keep the three pieces within a 100mm length.

The screws tightly to the and the cartridge fits very tightly over this combination. Removing the cartridge takes some real twisting and tugging.

After the break-in period, I, too, found performance not always consistent. It was capable of producing a good quantity of vapor with some easy inhalations on occasion, followed by nothing at all in the next use. I never measured cartridge life, but it seemed short to me, on the order of a half-day of near-regular use.

One thing I did note is that the vapor is hotter than any I’ve experienced from a pen style, or e-. The on this is less than a inch from the lips and the result is a warm blast on inhalation. Some real cigarettes do exactly the same, but my other deliver a cooler "smoke."

Certainly, this is vastly superior to my first mini cig purchase, the Health mini cig. That unit never produced decent vapor. This one does with a charged and fresh cartridge. The hang-up is how quickly that diminishes as liquid is withdrawn and the winds down.

The vapor I found tasteless. Later, I began my own favorite fluid into used cartridges — and that improved matters.

We both know the price is right for something like this. The person this should please is the new user, unfamiliar with the advantages of more expensive pen styles and unwilling to spend Big Bucks on an uncertain practice. Certainly, this little cig could help a person cut down on real cigarettes smoked. It will also please those who want an e-smoking device that looks exactly like a real cigarette. At even a short distance, the e-cig looks real.

I don’t test a device the way you do when it comes to inhalation. I want an to replicate a real cigarette — and no one sucks a real cigarette for four or five seconds. So I don’t even attempt to draw until the light blinks. I inhale for about two or three seconds, exactly as I would a real cigarette, and then see what is exhaled. Used this way, the little mini works well. The draw is quite easy, unlike the fish-face suck needed with some. In fact, a very light draw — exactly as would be done for a cigarette or — produces the best, more predictable vapor cloud. Hard draws actually produce less vapor.

I’d recommend this to anyone who hasn’t been to the mountain.|||"I’d recommend this to anyone who hasn’t been to the mountain." I like that TBob, it’s a nice idea. Do you think you have found a device that gets you to the top of the mountain? Is it a ?|||Yes, but I didn’t want to say so in a of a competitor’s product. |||Yeah, sorry to divert the thread. I’ll just say this and stop.

I’m really glad to hear someone say that a completely satisfying device exists (at least I think that’s what is meant). Many of us are looking and some of us are waiting for technology to catch up. Way to go TBob.||| this model I owned it too

103 aka V2 is the name

is the same.

yup vapour is tastless..even with flavour
but apple flavour do can sense abit but after few puffs u don;t feel it.

next cart wise depend on individual,

for me one day I can changed 3 to 4 , 5 cart per day …..Sometimes, a device you love turns bad after a period. Sometimes, the opposite happens. In the case of the DSE-103. I’m enjoying it more every day. No, it can’t equal the (much more expensive) that I use non-stop, but the is a larger pen style while the 103 looks very much like a real cigarette. I find myself now using it more frequently. Decent life for me and improving vapor production. Move from it "recommended for newbies" to just "recommended" in my book.

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