late breaking PG Allergy?

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by e-liquid on the November 2nd, 2008

Hoping i’m just coming down with a cold due to the weather changes however I’ve had a sore throat for the last couple of days..

been E-smoking for 3 weeks now, last night i was puffing a bit more than usual, and .. couldn’t sleep good.. and had really bad sore throat..

the last few days has just been a slight tickly throat at times.. but now it outright hurts..

PG allergy or cold/flu?

dun wanna have to give up esmoking.
|||It could be any one of the above. I have a PG allergy and it comes and goes almost like a monthly cold. I get a soar throat for about 3-4 days and then it disappears.

1 think I have found that has really helped is something TB suggested wayyyy back in the day. Don’t esmoke within about 30 minutes before going to bed. Make sure you brush your teeth and gargle to help moisten the back of your throat.

I actually suck on one of the Breezer cough drops before bed to help soothe and moisten the throat before I hit the sack. Really helps!|||damn.

Thanks for the heads up Cash…

I’m gonna lay off the ecigs for a bit and see what develops with my throat.. tho will def be usuing ur advice for the future.|||the soar throat I had a couple days ago, I actually tried adding some VG to my liquid to cut down on the PG concentration. That seemed to help quite a bit as well.

EDIT: Good luck bud. ESmoking with a soar throat is like inhaling needles … eeeek … especially with a strong liquid kick/throat hit|||Then again, it may be the other way around…it could be cold/flu and the PG just aggravates it. So until you get through the cold/flu, you may have to find another alternative. I had to use gum while I get through this. I went back to vaping…this time with VG, before I was over the cold…but ended up aggravating it again. Word to the wise…you got any kind of cold, you don’t need to be inhaling anything but steam with vicks vapo-rub. So anyway, it wasn’t viral….doc says what I got is bacterial…so, I’m on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. Can’t wait til this chit finally goes bye-bye! I miss my e-cigs again. ||| |||This is interesting, I also came down with something along the same exact lines after about 5 days of use. Sore throat, post nasal drip. And i know what you mean about e-smoking with soar throat (painful) switched to gum for about 2 days. Finally getting back to normal after about 4 or 5 days of misery (throat still slightly sore). Got a ton of stuff in today and have been sampling the multiple . Im gonna keep an eye on all the fellas out here that recently got their e-cigs and see if there is something more to this. Hoping this is just coincidence. More to come…..|||How are you doing today, Emcee?|||still not top drawer mate tbh. I’ve vaped a couple of times and i’ve felt worse for it.

still is possible it’s a passing bug.. however i’ve barely vaped and am curiously not missing it.

If I am allergic to PG.. and i’ve come this far packing in regular smokes.. i don’t think it’d be hard not to go back. seen?

will keep u posted still..


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