Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by e-liquid on the November 1st, 2008

While I was smoking my supercig the other day it stoppped working all of a sudden. I knew it was the because the l.e.d was still coming on when I was inhaling. Tried cleaning the … nothing. the contacts looked a bit dirty so I cleaned them too…still nothing, so I ordered a yentl and just continued to use my e-. Just now I looked at my seemingly faithful super cig just lying there on my computer desk and i decided to try that scratch that our good doctor described in one of his posts. Just as I put a bit of pressure on the steel wool head with a nail the whole guts slid toward the inside its tube! So I thought what the hell, I’ll try it one last time before I give it a scratch…Lo and behold, the bloody thing worked!! More vapour than what was being produced before!! Now I’m absolutely cheesin’ Think its because I’ve dropped it a couple of times and its worked a bit loose, but hey is all sorted now!!


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