JC Original Smoke Juice Review

Posted in Video Reviews by ecigarettes on the November 12th, 2008

Here is my for Johnson Creek Original smoke .

A quick disclaimer. When reviewing liquids the taste thing can be a problem. This is very subjective and i know that. So please take my taste reviews lightly and understand that i can not tell you if you will like the or not.

The is also 40 minutes long cause i don’t edit. Feel free to watch a little or a lot.

Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice Review

|||Thanks for a thorough on your findings of the JC Dusty, it didn’t even feel like 40 min really! Btw - did you anything on the arctic mint or did I miss it? I honestly can’t remember but if I missed it I’ll go back lol |||nope.. no arctic mint|||Well dustin you were right on the money with your I totally agree with everything you discovered

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