Is there any safe e-liquid?

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i have bought e-liquids from e-cig company.. and begin to use it.. soon my throuat became gash.. is any company else selling safer e-liquids?|||I bet you had a reaction to glycol. It’s 80% of the liquid. If so, you won’t find "safe" . They all use it. If your reaction was to , however, just step down from high to medium or low or none.|||Thank you TropicalBob..
its a week now.. but my throat is the same i am not smoking right now… but waiting.. i hope its from .. otherwise i will not be able to e-smoke any more …|||If you buy , like from E-Cig, note that they offer what is called Quit Smoking liquid. It’s different from the zero- variety of regular . This Quit Smoking solution has garnered some fans. They like its taste better than any of liquid and comment quite favorably on it in general. It’s mostly herbs. If your throat hit doesn’t improve, you might order a small bottle of Quit Smoking liquid to test.|||Thank you TropicalBob,
i shall test it after my throuat become fine..|||Sorry TropicalBob,
i have noticed a new site..

what about thir e-liquds and cigarettes? maybe they r more healthy?|||This might depend on where you live, but Freesmoke, which I have called Feesmoke in other posts, is just WAY too expensive to order and ship to the U.S.

I thought gasoline was getting pricey until I saw what Feesmoke wants for liquid!|||Hey TB. I checked over the "feesmoke" page and I’m not interested. But I am interested in finding another source for my e-liq if need be. I just ordered my first batch from e-cig…but I did that before I read their forum and found out that we’re gonna be hard-pressed getting ANY liq from e-cig until after the Olympics. Not just the big bottles anymore.

I’ve got enough to last me a little while…but would like to know if there is another back-up for us besides e-cig, feesmoke and e-cig sales (since I am already ordering what I can from Jane already).|||I wish I could point you to a fast, affordable source, but I can’t. You’ve covered the commercial bases. I’ve not been unhappy, by the way, with the "slow" shipments from E-Cig. One took nine days, one took a month, and the most recent took two weeks. All cost $9 in shipping fees (order lots of cores and accessories at the same time).

I’ve done some do-it-yourself liquid made from cooking tobacco. It doesn’t have the measured hit of commerical liquids, but serves to "cut" the commercial liquid and customize . Use any type of tobacco — pipe, cigarette, — and put about 10 grams in a small pot on low heat. Add a half-cup of water and let simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain off the tobacco through a coffee filter or cheesecake. Bingo! Instant tobacco liquid. Mix this with "extra high " flavored and you’ll get something less potent with a custom taste. See our "Combo " post. I like the commercial flue-cured tobacco, coffee, cherry, apple and menthol . I add my own vanilla extract (see places to order under Combo ). Next up will be "rum " , and Kahlua coffee .

With what you have on hand, and what you can easily make, you should survive through the Olympics!|||Let me add one other piece of information we’ve addressed here before:

After a month or so of e-smoking, I found I had spent cartridges all over the place. I’d refilled them several times and they were basically no longer useful. But they weren’t empty. So, with tweezers, I pulled out the wool fillings and dropped them into a hypodermic syringe bought from E-Cig to fill empty cores. With cartridges in the syringe, I removed the needle and put the tip of the syringe into an empty 10ml bottle. Now, squeeze the syringe. Using just a few "waste" cartridges, I filled that 10ml bottle with liquid. And had lots of "used" cartridges left over for the next squeezing session.

This is much more efficient with the e- cartridges, by the way. Or the even bigger cartridges. But it works with all commercial cartridge wool.I’m not sure if I wanna squeeze tobacco through a "cheesecake"…but cheesecake e-liq don’t sound like a bad idea either!

I do have plenty to make it through the olympics…but I think I’m going to try that with the "spent" cartridges. I probably got tons and don’t even know it.

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