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If the following statement is correct( I found it on a web site while looking for the temp of a e-cig) does that mean that when we switch to the e-cig we will become even more dependant on .

  • The contains up to 10 times more per inhalation than a cigarette.
  • is highly addictive and a neurotoxin.
  • More research must be done before the can be recommended.

|||What website did you read this at?

The way I understood it to be is:

1. It takes 6 - 7 puffs on an e-cig to equal one puff of a real cig

2. E-cig is roughly half of what you would inhale from a real cig.

(a light cig has 11mg and an e-cig with 11mg would be 6.5 that you would inhale)

Someone correct me if I am wrong or did I over look something.|||I think he got here from here
The Ruyan Electronic Cigarette: The Next Great Stop-Smoking Fad? - Associated Content|||Thanks Kit. Was not impressed with that article.|||Go to Health New Zealand and you’ll find lab tests on cartridges. There is nowhere near the content you quote. At the most, each puff is less than half a puff from a tobacco cigarette. Another test made it 1/5th the . No, you are not getting more per puff. Which might explain why we non-stop e-puff. And why I never feel I get enough from e-smoking, despite non-stop use of 24mg liquid.|||Super thats one thing sorted.
I was amazed by the claim like you say I puff away on it all day and thought my god I must be coming totaly addicted (like I’m not already) That was a good find Kit I was going to have a look back at all my web history. witch was a lot.|||The Cigarettes that i have been smoking for the last 30 years contain 0.8mg of each. Also each one contains 10mg Tar and 10mg of Carbon Monoxide.
0.8mg x 20=16mg which is the same amount of which is in a High Cart of the Gamucci Classic which i have started my E smoking with.
Which is why Gamucci and it’s sellers claim that each High Cartridge is equal to one Twenty Pack of Real Cigarettes.
In reality it’s more like Fifteen Real Cigarettes.
Take into consideration that with a real cigarette you put it down in an ashtray a few times so you don’t actually smoke the full 0.8mg as some is just away.
Then take into consideration that of the you inhale with an E cig there is very little wastage.
So i reckon that i am smoking the same amount of with an Ecig (or maybe less as i have found that i am losing the habit of having a Cig in my hand) but am losing 10mg of Tar and 10mg of Carbon Monoxide which is fine by me and much healthier than a real Cigarette.

So far so good. |||I understand your math, and while the Health New Zealand studies show less from e-smoking, I’m not entirely personally convinced. I’m pretty sure I’ve INCREASED my blood by e-smoking and snusing. Here are two relevant paragraphs from a article I read today:

"The content in cigarettes varies widely depending upon brand, but usually averages around 1mg per cigarette. The actual amount absorbed upon smoking will depend upon how the cigarette is smoked, as well as the presence and amount of other added ingredients. Compared to other delivery systems, levels from cigarettes peak within minutes and fall shortly thereafter. Because the half-life of is around 2 hours, those who smoke more than one cigarette over the course of a day will demonstrate accumulated levels in their plasma.

"It should be noted that the highly addictive quality of cigarettes lies not within its content, but rather its pharmacokinetics. Cigarettes provide an immediate jolt of to the CNS (central nervous system), resulting in almost instant gratification. Delaying gratification with the use of slower delivery mechanisms should aid minimizing addictive potential."

Does this not mean we could indeed "step down" levels to get off altogether at some point? Some might want to try that claim from various manufacturers. Let us know if it works.|||From what I understand, six-odd puffs from a high-cart e-cig should deliver the same amount of than an ordinary smoke, but I personally feel that I’m getting a greater hit with each inhale.

So I don’t inhale every time (that’s actually better on the flavour front) and am currently debating whether to go for lower nic cartridges/ or smoke the thing more like a hybrid device between a cigarette and a pipe. As an ex-pipe smoker (switching over to cigs when life became too stressful for puffing a pipe over 3/4 hrs) I find the notion quite attractive. Only works with plenty of vape though.

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