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Has anyone with emphysema tried "e-smoking" that anyone has heard of?

My Uncle cannot quit smoking yet his lungs are down to 40%. No wonder drugs, support groups or miracle cures can make him stop. 40 plus years of smoking gets ya in the end.|||If I remember correctly I think at least one member on here has asthma. Do a search on asthma or emphysema. It certainly seems like e-smoking might be worth a shot to maybe give his lungs a break. At the point he’s at I personally don’t see how it could possibly do more harm than continuing to smoke and it might possibly help. But I’m no doctor so see if he’s interested and ask his doctor if it’s worth a try. If he does try it let us know the results.

My father-in-law (now deceased) smoked for 71 years and died at the age of 87. He had no noticeable symptoms of emphysema or laryngeal cancer until the last year of his life. He was also a heavy drinker, ate horribly and never exercised. 71 years of smoking got him but he didn’t suffer nearly as bad as some people I knew who didn’t smoke. I thinks it’s all a genetic crap-shoot. We should all hope we got good genes. |||ok.well i have asthma,and since i stopped smoking and started to exclusively e-smoke,my lung capacity has certainly improved.my chest feels clearer and i dont get out of breath as easily.

i do still have to use my inhaler,but not as often as before.

anythings worth a try when someones in that condition.|||Well, I have been smoking for about 45 years now. I use an albuterol nebulizer almost daily. I "smoked" about 25 cigarettes a day. I could not climb up 1 flite of stairs without hyperventolating. I have not been diagnosed with emphysema, but fairly sure the possibility is there. I also have asthma. My wife does have emphysema.

I have been using e cig for just about 1 month now. I still use the albuterol nebulizer frequently, but now just to help expel garbage from my lungs. I still smoke about 5 cigarettes a day and hope to reduce that to 0. I can climb a flite of stairs and just be a little out of breath now (300 lbs is still a load to carry). My breathing is much better now & my wife who hasn’t smoked for over 3 years now is even breathing better with out all my 2nd hand smoke in the house.

I don’t expect my lungs to become perfect, but they do seem to be getting a little better. The diet smoke does cause occasional throat irritation, especially in the morning. I think it’s a little like that first shot of tequilla the 2nd & 3rd always seem a little smoother.:o

This is only speaking for my experience. Others may have entirely different experiences.|||This is the kind of feed back I’m looking for Gunny.. thank you and all that have pitched in. I can’t wait to get one of these in the hand of my Uncle and hope he takes to it.|||BTW Mavkain when I said "I still use the albuterol nebulizer frequently, but now just to help expel garbage from my lungs." I believe this to be residual gunk from cigarette smoking being purged from my lungs now that there is 80% less tar, carbon monoxide, etc. permeating my lungs.

Hope this helps. Personally I would (and do) recommend this method of to anybody that smokes to improve their health and extend their life, no matter what their current health or age is.|||This is an interesting topic. What do the doctors here say about this? Should e-cig use instead of cigarette use, IN THEORY, be helpful?|||I was wondering about this too. I really want to get an e-cig for my grandma. She just got out of the hospital with pneumonia. She’s had two heart attacks, and smokes 4 packs of Carlton (very very very light cigarettes) a day. She has COPD and the other stuff that comes with smoking. She NEEDS to stop. She’s chain smokes like crazy, and puts her cigarettes out before they’re done, so I think the mental addiction is very strong, and the physical part might be a little easier to drop.

I’m thinking e-cigarettes would help her a lot with low nic cartridges. Especially since she can sit and suck on the thing as much as she smokes normal cigs. Even if she cuts her real smoking in half it would be great. The only problem is she wouldn’t be able to deal with any malfunctions. Plus I would have to service/fix/send in anything that breaks and I only see her once a week or less.

I’m going to let her try my penstyle from Mel next time I see her and see how she likes it.

Maybe an N-Joy with some extra atomizers would work? They’re in AZ as well and shipping would be fast. Cartridges are too expensive though and she won’t be able to drip.

Or maybe one of Mel’s with an extra when/if he starts selling them?

Anyone have any ideas?||| |||Mr.Darcy

I posted this in tips & tricks and it will help those with pen style if they are willing to go to the trouble.

More smoke!
OK… I’ve just successfully attempted to create a better hit from my pen style cig. Slight bit of a hassle, but IMHO well worth it.

The hole in the cartridge is just to small to accommodate a good hit for me. Occasionally I would remove the cartridge and just draw with an open . WOW! Smoke!

Well to get to the point, I used a dremel with a 1/8 inch bit to open the cartridge tip effectively doubling the size of the hole. Now I get smoke!

Important! Drill slowly and perhaps use 2 bits. 1st 3/32 then 1/8, as the tip will want to spin with the bit if you try to do this too fast. It is very messy and potentially dangerous to your fingers when this happens.

ATTEMPT THIS MODIFICATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.i have asthma, noticed improvements just 2 days after smoking e-cigs, i always used to wake up wheazy and need a good cough and a couple of inhaler puffs before i felt better… now I’m fine, for the past 2 weeks using this e-cig i’ve had no wheazy spells, not even while exercising

I’m still worried about using e-cigs, i don’t know what i’m inhaling (nylon fumes or w/e) along with the pg and and whether any of those are carcinogenic in the long run but my guess is surely it has to be better than smoking 20 m-reds a day ;/Gunny- please watch out for colloidal silver- it will turn you blue- literally- they hsowed a fella on T.V o nthe news that took it and he is now permanently blue skinned- honest- it was really wierd lookign at that- I took colloidal for awhile back a spell, but since have stopped because of that- this is not a joke- here’s a link showing one person http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22536241/ do google search for ‘colloidal silver turns you blue’

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