Electronic Cigarette Alcohol In Filters?

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i was just searching for info one-cig, and i come across an aticle saying that some e-cig filters has ALCOHOL in them.

Can anyone help me to get more info on this?

thanks|||That’s not something I can say I’ve heard mentioned before.

Can you please post some links to the websites you read that information on|||I doubt that very much as alcohol is used extensively in cosmetic items such as astringent toners to make it dry on the skin quickly. I would think putting alcohol in a cartridge would dry it out rapidly as soon as it contacts with the atomiser.

Probably another scare tactic by the anti-everythings.

On a lighter note, I’m not much of a drinker, but if I was going to enjoy a fine wine, I’d much rather drink it than smoke it|||I believe the article is correct.
Most e-liquids contain Glycol, which is an alcohol according to Wiki, and other web pages. A search in Google for " glycol" will give a lot of reading material!|||Yes I sow that in Wikipedia also recipe4
Sorry i cannot put the like as i am new to the forum, but you can search in Wikipedia for " " and you will find it.
|||What is the cause of alarm here? Go the Health New Zealand, where lab tests have been done on e-liquids, and you’ll find that the liquid is 5% alcohol. Whoopee. In the amount a user inhales as a wisp of vapor, this 5% is utterly meaningless. Alcohol helps the liquid in many ways; I even add some to homebrew tobacco liquid. No one will get drunk. No one need confess a sin to AA. Besides, like , alcohol in small amounts is beneficial to our health.|||That’s very interesting. Didn’t know PG was classed as alcohol. Learn something new every day

Talking of alcohol, was at my friend’s house last night. We go there every fortnight as it’s a 50 mile journey. We meet there with other friends from that area (we’re hoping to move there eventually). She has a non-smoking house but her husband smokes. He goes outside for a cig. He bought an e-cig last week and loves it

While we were there my friend brought out a bottle of home-brewed wine and I had a glass of it. It was really nice. Think it might have been Elderberry. I wasn’t driving (hubby had volunteered) so it was really nice to sit with a glass of wine and "smoke".

A very pleasant evening was had by all|||Don’t sweat the alcohol in . But glycol itself might — might — be a concern. Note this Wiki entry:

If glycol is in your system the last thing you would have to worry about is drug screening. Even at low dosages this chemical can kill. There are several documented cases of people ingesting glycol and in most the ones who have ingested it either became very ill or died.

Or this:

Works as a humectant, moisture carrier, derived from petroleum. In industry it is used in antifreeze and hydraulic brake fluid. A strong skin irritant and thought to cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Before e-smoking becomes mainstream, we need public assurance that long-term inhalation of this vapor cocktail won’t cause serious health problems. Long ago, no one knew the consequences of smoking cigarettes. Now we know. E-smoking is at its beginning. We know nothing of long-term consequences.||| |||I continue to e-smoke, feeling, like most everyone, that this is far healthier than tobacco smoking. Life presents us a series of odds, doesn’t it. Odds are this is safer. Not guaranteed safe. But safer.

Yes, I use vegetable glycerine, often mixed with homebrew tobacco and Kahlua . I really like that combo. Glycerine would seem safer to me than glycol. It has the same vapor properties, but is fully ingestible and tastes delicious. But no one has studied inhaling it!

So we do what we choose to do, with knowledge that there are many hazards in our daily existence. E-smoking doesn’t cause me worry. But I would like a little scientific assurance that I’ve made the right choice. I hope the -funded studies in New Zealand will continue to uncover good news for us. You guys are doing really well. In more modest vein, I had my last tobacco cig at 1.15 on Friday. Got some laser surgery (peepers) scheduled for the start of August and I want the house particulate free for the recovery period. Fingers crossed!


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