E-smoking when pregnant

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I would first like to say I’m not expecting but have friends who smoke who are, or have been!

I’m curious to know whether e-smoking is safer for pregnant women than normal smoking? I ask because all the e-cigs I’ve read about don’t recommend it. But surely, given the choice, e-smoking has GOT to be the much lesser of two evils. Are there ingredients in e-smoke that put unborn babies at greater risk than with regular smoking (although I’d find that hard to believe!), or is it just that the manufacturers are covering themselves?

Obviously can’t be good for an unborn baby but I know that some women find it impossible to give up smoking during pregnancy (someone I know went from 20 to 40 a day!) despite the risks. I smoked myself during the first couple of months of pregnacy. I gave up because it made me feel sick but I started again soon after giving birth. I don’t think any woman feels happy about smoking while pregnant but for some, giving up is just too dificult and this could well be a healthier, less guilty, less risky answer.

I understand that e-smoking is in it’s infancy and much more research is needed, but to hear any comments or experiences on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I apologise if this has already been covered but I couldn’t find any posts on it.|||Well, instinctively I want to yes "yes e-smoking is by far the least bad option for pregnant women", but that must be tempered by the fact that many people find it hard to take breaks when using e-cigarettes. In other words, they may be inhaling far more than they are used to because they don’t have the feedback mechanism of the cigarette finishing.

I suspect that highly elevated blood- levels would be extremely dangerous both for the mother and embryo - so would caution against its use.

Just my 2 pennies worth.

SJ|||I hope Dr. Loi jumps into this. Basically, what a pregant mother needs to know is that what’s in her bloodstream will be in her unborn’s. The her brain needs to function will circulate to the unborn child, and create receptors in that unborn’s brain. At birth, the crying baby is a addict without a source for a needed fix.

You’ve heard of "crack" babies? There are lots of "fussy" nic babies born to smoking moms.

So, no, e-smoking not a safe alternative. The smoke from inhaled tobacco damages many body organs, but it’s the that will ultimately affect the unborn child. There are other factors that impact an unborn’s health, such as carbon monoxide from smoking, that come into play, but I’ll let an MD address those.|||That’s a bum. Poor babies losing out whatever, unless mum gives up.

Does that mean replacement therapy can’t be used during pregnancy (patches, gum, etc), as they must have the same effect on baby? Does anyone knows what doctors advise to pregnant women trying to give up? Cold turkey is bloody hard! I did it for eight months and started smoking again about September last year(I’ve given up many times over the years!). I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t have those hideous hormones to impede my struggle with the evil weed. When I was pregnant I think I only gave up because I felt so ill when I smoked.

I really don’t know much about this so sorry if I sound naive, I just have a few friends who might really benefit from any advice on this (and I secretly hoped e-fags might be the answer).|||My bet and hope is that Dr. Jim Loi sees this and provides an answer from the profession. I was a "health" editor/writer with a metropolitan newspaper for 7 years, but that doesn’t give me an MD degree. Just some good background on many things .

Note that patches, gum, etc., are much weaker than our strong e-cig . And, as SJ suggested, we tend to use the e-cigs or cigars or pipes all the time. I think our blood levels are even higher than those of smokers, and certainly higher than those using Big Pharmaceutical’s NRT products.

In plain language, a baby from an NRT mother might crave a Doral instead of a Camel.|||Thank you, I really appreciate your advice. If anyone asks I’ll definately advise against it. Be interested to see what Dr Loi has to say on the matter tho. The NHS Direct website just doesn’t cut it!|||Sorry for not replying to this early(infact I didn’t know about this until now…been busy..today is an important milestone for us..Our first Roadshow is on!!!..ahem..kinda busy ..getting ready to meet the public.lotsa them!!)

Yes…you can use e-smoking during your pregnancy PROVIDED YOU ONLY USE ZERO/LOW STRENGTH….

The glycol does not affect pregnancies foetal development BUT does interfere…usually with low birth weights and premature babies taking into account that fact was for real traditional smoking…. still I will advise either low levels or zero level of …Please note this is still all new and much more to be investigated and so most of our colleagues will not be able to comment more on this new development…Take it with a pinch of salt they say..trial and error but best erred onto the caution side…play safe ….So the final conclusion(at this juncture of time) will be PLEASE USE LOW/ZERO levels..do your Ultrasound and your normal Antenatal followup properly and remember take it easy …do pm me or inform me of any new developments…

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