e smoking vapour cause irration on face?pimples..?

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by crown7 on the November 6th, 2008

I don;t know why I noticed…my face seem got pimples come out when again I start e puff for the last few days but that is only at nite at home…

beside smoking real cig.

last time don;t have ..while smoking real cig

now I only smoke e cig at nite..

somemore my diet and sleep lifestyle never changed….

anyone also feel it too?|||Fishy …

If your face looks like this …

You need ….


In all seriousness though …
My skin is VERY oily and I tend to break out quite easily. I have not noticed any increase in oil production/clogged pores/ or pimples. Have you changed your diet at all lately, or been slacking on washing your face?|||LOL, i have nt noticed any increase in spots either, maybe even a decrease|||NO. No such problem after almost nine months on e-cigs.|||Fish, I have to agree with you. I have more pimples/boils than I used to. Although I was figuring this had more to do with quiting smoking then e-cigs but since you still smoke real cigs I may be wrong.|||CaSHMeRe my face don;t look so seriously like that pix

just that weird…here. before I got e cig , I smoke real cig ..my face is okie

just than when starting to smoke again e cig …come out again….

as I mention i never changed my lifestyle|||TB I think you’re beyond pimpled adolescence |||You are so right!

But this is an interesting possible consequence of ingredients in e-liquids. DevilFish might be the canary in the mine on this — his urine stinks and his face is popping out!||| what i surprise here is real cig don;t cause ..this

all the while…

just that when I start e smoke bad is come back??

e smoke the mist should be okie…since roughly the same like those in clubs..||| Fish- I’m pretty sure most people here don’t experience that- probably what is happening is that tyou are worrying yourself so much that you spontaniously break out with pimples in reaction to your fear of eciggs

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