E-Smokeytreats review

Posted in Video Reviews by Electronic Cigarette on the November 5th, 2008

Here is my of the pen style and Min from E-Smokey treats.com Enjoy

E-Smokeytreats.com Review

|||Great Dusty! I love the look of the penstyle, tasteful red!! Now if only Pillbox or would sell them |||i really like the red look. very rich color. I think my wife might try to steal it if i’m not careful.|||is that a kershaw you got there rat. looks like the one i got myself. if america only manufactured one thing, i would hope it would be the kesrshaw. when i lived in the states, it never left my side. bummed i carry it here. if only they started making e-cigs.|||Nope, it is a Gerber paratrooper i believe. i have a smaller one i keep in my boot pocket as well. |||Cool …was ready to call an ambulance for ya on that cough break.

How is the 901 holding up? You and I got them at around the same time and mine is still hanging in there. |||all of my minis are still doing very well.

Sometime i cough when my throat gets dry… |||Even the month old mini?|||All four of my mini’s. So, yes, i think that includes the month old one. ||| Thanks again for the entertaining !


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