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Tobacco Extracts – Tobacco leaves are processed and extracted by chromatography for us in tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Examples of processing techniques include air cure and flue cure. Chromatography is a separation technique in which the required substance is selectively isolated. The type of tobacco leaves, processing technique and chromatographic technique used determines what tobacco flavour this extraction can be used for.

Tabanone – A chemical that is naturally found in Turkish tobacco. Tobanone is commonly added tobacco cigarettes for its unique flavour. Addition of Tabanone to e-liquid creates a similar tobacco flavour to these well known brands of cigarettes.

2,5 Dimethylpyrazine – A flavour additive that enhances taste and aroma in tobacco cigarette and many other food products including coffee and wine.
Damascenone – A pleasant rose scent flavour.

() – A solvent that is used across the pharmaceutical and food industry. is often labeled as an E number when used as a food additive. has been approved to be safe to consume by human and animals, except for cats. E-liquid using as a solvent base gives a strong throat hit. A small group of the population is allergic to .

() is commonly found in food and has a very sweet taste. Unlike , based e-liquid has very good vapour production, but less of a throat hit.

is an essential ingredient for based flavour including whisky, rum, champagne etc.

Linalool - A naturally occurring chemical found in many flowers and spice plants. E-liquid containing Linalool has a pleasant floral scent.

Coco powder – An ingredient used in coffee and chocolate e-liquid.

Vanilla Extract – An ingredient commonly used to enhance flavouring of certain e-liquid flavours such as ice-cream, cakes and candy.

Sugar – Used in sweet e-liquid flavours

– Used in containing e-liquids.

– Used in menthol, mint and strong mint e-liquids.


This is a list of potential . Different companies use different substances that may or may not be listed here. We offer this collection as a guide for those who wish to look into what the e-liquid industry is putting forth in electronic cigarette eliquid. It is by no means authoritative or complete. We take no responsibility for decisions made based on this article.

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