E-cig inhale of vapor causes me to cough

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Hello all, I’m so happy I found this forum. Very Informative. I ordered and recieved my first E-cig from Njoy this last week.. I would say I love it.. cut down from 2 packs a day to half a pack so far. Only thing is.. often when I inhale.. I end up coughing like crazy… My wife and a few others I’ve let take a puff have the same coughing reaction.. Anyone else coughing from the vapor inhaling??? Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong. :o Thanks in advance.


I still get a cough with my E-cig from Njoy, tends to be on the first initial puff. Since my first E-cig from Njoy, I’ve purchased 2 different types of Minis and another pen style from E-cig.com. I don’t tend to cough with those hardly at all. I cannot tell at this time whats the difference other than the E Liquid used. Ordered from E-cig.com and tried and do not seem to get a cough from that. I think I’ll try to extract the liquid from an Njoy cartridge and drip it on one of my other cigs and see what happens. I’ll post results back here soon.|||Hi Meltrex!

Sorry to hear about your coughing problem. Have you emailed Njoy about it? Do you cough with all strengths of cartridges? Did the coughing start straight away or after a few days of starting e-smoking?


SJ|||I understand perfectly. When that vapor hits the back of my throat, I often cough — particularly on the first inhalation. For me, it doesn’t seem related to strength (I’ve moved exclusively to 24mg now). I don’t usually continue the cough, however. A smoker soon learns whether the cough is from the throat or lungs. Short bark is throat. Rattling is lungs and a message to stop whatever is causing it!

I’ve been e-smoking a couple of months and still get the occasional throat cough. But gone now are the lung coughs brought on by cigarettes.||| |||My does the same thing to me also. I sometimes just let the vapor sit in my mouth for a split second before doing the full inhale. That helps quite a bit, I think it may be due to the temperature… but then how hot is normal cigarette smoke compared to e-smoke?|||Thats what I’ve learned to do as well, let it sit in my mouth for a sec.. then I’ll actually let it creep out and up my nose for the inhale… so I can see the vapor smoke as well Just ordered apple flavored refills from Njoy, any reviews or has anyone tried that yet?|||After trying a few different E-cigs. I still tend to cough when inhaling the vapor. I’ve ordered and recieved some from E-cig.com. Going to try to an Njoy cartridge (Tend to cough more with Njoy) I did try e-drippin 2 drops on the of the Njoy then used an apple flavored cartridge and the taste was very enjoyable. The coughing varies, I’m not sure why it happens. I have a when it comes to E-smoking. I cannot just pick it up and take drags off of it like I do a regular cig. So E-smoking is definately not the same as cigarette smoking. When I drag off of my E-cig I’ll keep the vapor in my mouth for a few seconds and either do a few french inhales (up thru my nose) then inhale the rest and I don’t cough at all. I have noticed letting the vapor wallow in my mouth a few seconds before inhaling deeply, reduces the coughing temendously and still get vapor from exhaling but its very subtle. I do feel the rush of a hit you might say. Similar to smoking a regular cig just not as intense.|||Meltrex: As you’ll note from other posts I’ve made on the forum, I too am coughing. At first, it was mostly with the first inhalation. Now, it’s daily and persistant into the night. As this new method of getting is evolving, we are learning that glycol irritates some people’s lungs. I think I might be one of those people.

If that’s the case, then I can’t inhale vapor. Fortunately, I have my monstrous and I must return to "smoking" it the way I do my real pipes. Puff, hold smoke in mouth, exhale. Never inhale into the lungs. This, however, requires super-strong liquid, since the must be absorbed by the less efficient mouth, not the highly efficient lungs.

And it renders my mini cig just about useless (I have an e- that I’ll "smoke" the same as a real ; no inhaling).

I’ll test all this further, but I’m a concerned e-smoker at this moment. E-smoking is a marvelous step away from cigarette smoking, but it might not be for everyone. I’m with SJ that we might need to find a substitute liquid — even a more expensive one — than glycol.|||Bob, here’s an interesting fact you may or may not be aware of regarding pipe smoking:

and pipe tobacco has a significantly raised PH level, the reason being that it enables the to be more efficiently absorbed by the mucous membranes (I don’t know why!)

I wonder if you added something to the solution to raise the PH levels, you might get a more satisfactory hit without having to use an extra-strong (and expensive) solution?

Question is though, what could you add?|||Good thought. When the secret documents of tobacco companies came to light in the U.S., it was found that numerous cigarette makers added an alkaline substance to the tobacco so that the would be better absorbed. And if you want to ruin smoking’s effect, just drink some pineapple while you smoke. You won’t feel a thing.

Acid mouth, reduced impact. Alkaline mouth, increased impact. I’ll do some research on a consumable alkaline substance that could be added to . (And I’ll make sure I’ve got my pH’s pointing in the right direction.)SJ: Cigarette makers added ammonia to increase absorption of free . But the easiest way to boost the pH and thus the absorption of is to add seawater or sea salt. That might explain the extreme saltiness found in most Swedish . Users assume it’s to increase ’ useful tin life, but it also increases the absorbed from this product. I’ll experiment with adding some seawater to and see if I get an increased lift. I have one bottle of "medium" on hand and one of "extra high". I’ll try the medium first.

Some of the material I read leads me to believe all kinds of beneficial minerals could be added to that solution. Who knows how they would react to , but probably not much at all. We could end up with a smoking device that satisfies addiction and the daily vitamin/mineral needs! Ha.

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