Does e-liquid go bad?

Posted in General E-Smoking Discussion by miniecigarette on the October 31st, 2008

Specifically the liquid from, which is where I will be ordering from. The reason I ask is because the shipping there is pretty pricey, so I’d want to put in a big order that will last me for a long time. But since I don’t smoke very much I’m afraid I’ll order a bunch and barely even go through the first bottle before they’re all bad already.

Anyone know if their liquid goes bad, and if so, how quickly?||| glycol wont go bad per se. Neither will the liquid. However, the will break down over time and will not maintain its effectiveness. How fast will depend on exposure to oxygen and sunlight and excessive heat - how long and how often. Most of the bottles at e-cig will protect your product from light. But if your order arrives in clear bottles - consider transferring the contents to dark glass bottles. DO NOT USE PLASTIC.
Also if you are going to keep your product for a very long time store your bottles in a cool dark place. An unlit basement is ideal. Refrigeration is probably OK but not if it is very cold. Somewhere between 40 and 70 degrees will be ideal. If your house has a/c, a dark closet will be fine.||| |||Your stuff can last a very long time. Make sure you have really good seals on your bottles. Replace any bottles that dont seal well. Use dark glass. Do not open the bottles until ready to use, Oxygen is a killer. Because the bottles are already dark a little light wont hurt. But dont store them on a window ledge.

Although the can be kept for many months - it will not keep forever. Still, even if there has been some deterioration you can still use the product if it has been stored properly. But - do inspect the product for signs of contamination after being stored for a long time. Although we assume these products are shipped to us sterile, we really do not have a guarantee. I would not worry about discoloration. But I would be wary of any specks of foreign matter, cloudiness (after warming to room temp - the liquid may be cloudy if refrigerated) that is not from refrigeration, fuzziness or oiliness or an off odor.|||an 8ml bottle wouldnt last me week.. e-cig quote 1 ml as being ten cigarettes.. they are a little more honest than all the other other sellers quotes.. in fact they say 7 cigarettes allowing for the 30% u cant get out of the 1 ml cartridge..

they say a twenty a day person will smoke three 1 ml cartridges per day..

unless your friend knows some magical secret i dont i would ignore her 8 ml lasting a month unless she has nearly quit the habit..


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