diluting e liquid with water..???

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i like to buy flue cured 24 mg liquid from e cig china.. since the bottled supply dried up due to the Olympics i have been syringing carts to get liquid.. the most economical (cost effective) carts to syringe are pipe and carts..they hold the most liquid for the money..

now to the water bit.. the last couple of consignments i have received from e cig have not been very good.. this could be old stock due to olympic shipping problems i dont know.. they could have problems getting it as well as sending it out..

anyways the liquid in the carts seems to be very thick and gloopy.. it clogs the and makes my device hard to draw thru.. i thought what happens if i dilute it with water.. it contains water as it comes.. how much i dont know but water is part of its make up..

i diluted mine with 20% tap water.. simply to thin it out.. taste and vapour wise it still seems the same with 20% water added.. i cant really tell the difference..

i might take just take one cart and try a 50% mix.. just to find out at which point things start to not work..

at the high price liquid is sold at this opens up all sorts of wondering.. any thoughts.. ??

trog|||Try not to use tap water.

To much junk in it, like calcium, floride, minerals, clorine, and more.

Calcium is the white stuff that you may see on your coffee pot somtimes. It can Clog your fast if your not lucky.

You can cut PG and VG with water, but get as pure as you can. Triple distilled, or pure. Most drug stores have it near their pharmacy, normally the stuff by the bottled water is not pure.|||I have been known to thin with various liquors. No problems experienced so far when doing that. My thinking was the alcohol might actually help clean the as it vaporizes. Just a theory.

Maybe not but it tastes great!|||i started of with a very small amount expected it to mess up the vaporization process.. i was rather surprised to be able to get away with 20% and not notice much difference..

trog|||You can mix pretty much water and it will still work well smoke wise.

Depending how much is in it when you get it, you can cut 16parts water to 1part PG.

I am not sure at what point you have to worry about rusting the though.

PG and VG soak up water out of the air, and keeps things dry, less and I am not sure how metal will react. Just a thought, not sure.|||You lot never stop amazing me lol lol lol … i just got out my syringe i use for my printer ink carts and sucked up a tiny bit of Soda water i had in my drinks cabinet and put in 2 droplets into my super mini cart and …..wow talk about smoke …. lol lol Works well …. Im going to try some Jack Daniels whisky next like T Bob says lol lol.|||Any liquor thats thin, like JD, Scotch, or Rum, Vodka if its not full of I would guess would work too, as long as it dosent dry sticky or syrupy.

Anything that gets sticky, like bailys or jager i would avoid useing.

High proof stuff will make the get hotter faster, so watch that is all.|||I would imagine that Baileys and Jaegermeister would kill an just on contact. :-)

Better take a shot first and then vap the …. <smirk>.. careful that the Jaegermeister does not glue the to your lips.|||Makes sense. I guess whatever heat the liquid was exposed to had started to condense it. You are using distilled water, right?

By the way, I still got those high flue cured pipe carts from e-cig. I’ll send ‘em to you if you want ‘em. Got 7 boxes. They’re all yours. Say the word. PM me. Seriously. I know you like ‘em and want ‘em to go to somebody who would enjoy them.

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