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You may recall the horrible that was posted by, as it turned out, some troll, and the owner’s reply:
|||Now, that’s a fine . I couldn’t agree more, having learned the hard way what it’s like to deal with a company on the other side of the globe and that fraudulently brands shipments and won’t make good on its mistakes (won’t even replace a you paid for if it arrives dead and unuseable).

I will buy American in the future, for all my hardware needs. We have a limited choice on liquids, however, and I’ll use an American reseller on eBay.

Good to hear Crown 7 was so exceptional for you.|||Nice . Here’s mine:

I just received my Crown 7 a few weeks ago (13 days after ordering). While I wasn’t pleased with the time it took to get from Arizona to Washingon D.C., I am overall happy with the purchase.

As this was my first , it took me a few days to figure the thing out. It seems simple: screw together and smoke it like a cigarette — but it was everything but perfect at first. I was getting very little vapor and even decided to put it down for a few days as I was unhappy with the performance.

A few days later, I was tinkering with the product and figured that I can create more vapor if I take the white cartridge inside the mouthpiece out and put it in separately (thus touching the more than if it was still in the mouthpiece), I got a TON of vapor. This method seems to kick more vapor out for about 4-5 puffs then I just have to repeat the process of pressing the white cartridge against the again and putting the piece back on.

Overall: there are some design flaws with the product, but being a relatively new item to the market, I can’t complain too much. I am sure I will see much improvement over the coming months and years; or in other brands. Crown Seven shipped via DHL and the shipment hadn’t even been given to a shipping company for 7 days — my main complaint would be the time it took to receive the product.

It was mentioned that they reply to ALL e-mails within 3 days: this is a fallacy. I wasn’t happy with their lack of responses to my questions.

Customer service: 1/5 stars
Price: 3.5/5 stars
The eCig’s performance: 3.5/5

Anyone know of any good places to get cheap, but quality ?|||So far so good for me too. No problems with the device and, even if the cartridges don’t last as long as I expected, the expierience for me is one of hopeful anticipation. I did send an e-mail to Crown7 before I joined this forum to talk about "harshness" and received a response fairly quickly. They told me that if I wanted more smoke and a thicker draw, I could just add a drop or two of distilled water into the cartridge. It DOES make my e- billow some clouds when I do; an impressive sight for smokers when i use it near them. ||| |||Ronald McDonald??? Hmmm - does he sell hamburgers, too?|||I have been using my Crown7 for about 3 weeks by now. I should say that I have similar comments about the as others above. I have ordered a type from and some menthol cartridges. It was my first e-cig and my initial experience with it was a comfortably introduction to the world of e-smoking.

I would concur with other users that have posted above, that the shipping was a bit too … delayed. Even though they shipped the product from AZ after 2 days of ordering, it took nearly 6 days to get to my door. I would say that was the slowest shipment I ever received. Anyways, upon opening the package, which was quite nicely packaged in a small box, I find my cartridges and the kit in a Crown7 box. There was a leak in one of the cartridges in the box, and everything was kind of slimy, so I had to clean up all the items with some tissue paper (.. this gave me the chance to taste the numbing liquid taste everyone keeps talking about .. :mrgreen: ). Well after that, popped a into the charger and waited for 4 hrs for the charger light to turn green. Then immediately popped the in the and started puffing away.

From the first puff, it bellowed a lot of smoke. As of now, I have hands-on experience with other e-cigs, I can say that the smoke is not a dense white smoke, but instead is a lighter mist with a purplish hint (TropicalBob, tried to get red colored smoke.. I would say this one is at least a bit colored.. ). The taste was mild but very pleasant and the menthols had a hint of mint flavoring compared to the regular (that came with the kit). As usual, with many users, on the first day of e-smoking, I was puffing away with for a whole afternoon and then the evening (on just one until now) and eventually got a nic overdose and a slight headache. Well, that pretty much assured that the Crown7 was doing its job and the batteries were holding up pretty strong.

I used my for a week, and this pretty much cut my smokes from near to 1/2 pack a day to 1 cig a day or less. Later, I received an order of (mini) and (mini-mini) from I should say the performance of these two cigarettes is a totally different class compared to Crown7 . First of all, the taste of mini-mini is an instant hit.. it has a harsh taste but feels like an actual cigarette in some way. I am sure anyone would get hooked on this for sure. And the mini cigarette works like a fog machine, throwing out bellows of smoke, more than I had expected from it. I eventually stop after one or two short puffs as there is already more smoke than I can handle. I was quite impressed. The life on the and mini cigarette go for a whole day of use (and more) and the mini-mini lasts for a day and then I have to recharge it for sure. For some unknown reason, the cartridges of the mini cigarette last longer than my and usually account for 1-1.5 pack of smokes. The mini-mini carts lasts for around 5-6 normal cigarettes.

After two weeks of e-smoking, my Crown7 started to get a lot warmer and it put out lesser and lesser smoke. I e-mailed the customer support and they replied instantly (.. apparently they were even working on a weekend). I was suggested to change the cartridges and fresh recharge.. but nothing seemed to work and after another e-mail exchange, I was immediately shipped a new replacement (they sent a whole new .. ). The new one arrived in 5 days and it seems to working good until now. As far as I am concerned, I have had a nice experience dealing with Crown7 and would surely be happy to do business with them again. The may not be bellowing smoke a lot, but I still like it a lot and as suggested a drip of distilled water can do wonders for a few puffs. In addition, the smoke has a quite unique rich not present in the other cigarettes, so I keep puffing on the . I am hoping to try some of their fruity pretty soon and think they would be much better.

Ok, now for the flaws in the that could be changed in the newer version. It is impossible to see the light at the tip even if you tried (unless you are in a dark area). The light is a small red led tucked away in the and compared to the other cigarettes, I don’t like it at all. There is no warning blinks for low or long puff indication. Also, it would certainly help if the kit included some instructions on the product use and care.

I still haven’t started to drip, but I am sure from other users experiences, this would take the to completely another level by itself. For the moment however, I have my other e-cigs that can put out a lot of smoke and I would like to use my for casual smoking (do note that it is heavier being a type and can’t use it frequently).

On the overall I would give the Crown7 a 4.0/5.0 (more points to the taste and long life). The mini a 4.5/5.0 (more points to amount of smoke and life) and the mini-mini a 5.0/5.0 (.. the taste is worth it all and the small form factor also scores).|||Good, thorough . Thanks.

BTW: I use my wedding ring to see the light from the tip. Just bring your left hand close to the and take a puff while watching your gold band.|||Since there’s already a thread, I hope its alright if I add on instead of posting another .

One Month With Crown7

Well, I said I’d repost in a month if things went smoothly (or didn’t) with my Crown7 e-.

They went well. While I still smoke 聯the real thing聰 regularly, I can say that I noticed a drop in the amount of cigarettes I rolled while using it. The device worked as advertised, and I am quite pleased with it. So lets get down to a play by play analysis of how she did, shall we?

Price. Most E-Cigs and E-Cigars are quite expensive. For the price, its a good buy.

Solid performance. While your experience may vary, mine has been quite pleasant. I may have babied it a little, but after a month of puffing its still going strong.

Durability. I do admit to having a couple accidents. Dropped it, forgot it was in my pocket and bumped a few drawers closed with my thigh. Everything still works as far as I can tell.

Life. Batteries so far have been long lasting and dependable. The unit came with 2, so its easy to just use 1 all day (they last 24 hours easily) and pop in a fresh one the next day.

Copious Smoke. Nothing like these Next Gen K.I.S.S boxes, but the Crown7 e- produced plenty of visible smoke early in a cartridges life. Drip Smoking created even more, but we’ll get into that…now

Drip Smoking Friendly Device. I have to say that Drip Smoking has been by far the most pleasant experience of e-smoking I’ve had. Big clouds, that burned for about as long as a typical cigarette. 1, sometimes 2(small) drops on the did the trick, producing a thick, sometimes heady cloud of smoke. And the improved while drip smoking. I did keep a cartridge on hand (typically loaded in the tube) in case I wouldn’t have time and a safe place to tinker with my eyedropper. Many products appear to have trouble with this trick. Crown7’s e- did a bang up job and the kept chugging.

I still smoke real ones. This is not a failing of the product, but it certainly isn’t a plus for it. I noticed that it took longer between cravings to hit while using the Crown7, but the weak per hit from the cartridges wasn’t enough to satisfy my chain smoking lust. A simple solution would probably be to quit completely for a month or so (been there more than a few times), then go to e-smoking instead of hopping back on the cancer wagon. I believe that e-smoking could give me a strong enough hit to satisfy those cravings IF the levels in my blood were not as high as they are now. I may update with that later.

Shipping. It took quite a while for my e- to get here; almost 3 weeks.

No from this . I’ve even e-mailed him to ask if they intend to offer the product. No dice. He intends to offer cartridges and cartridges only for his brand (resell or not). So for Drip Smoking, you’ll have to get it from ebay or or make your own. I know of no other suppliers at this time.

Cartridges do not last all day without considerable effort on your part. Squeeze em, shake em, pull em out and turn em around with tweezers. Its a hassle really, considering that the cartridges were supposed to work all day. When I want a hit, I don’t wanna fiddle with this thing for five minutes, I WANT MY HIT. Make sure you take 2-5 with you if you’re going out and swap them out between uses if you intend to use only Crown7 products. I did notice that they would tend to 聯recharge聰 themselves if left alone for a day or two, meaning that you could prop them ass up somewhere and the liquid would tend to migrate down to the end where the touches. Don’t do this IN the Crown7 though because…

It leaks. Mine has a tendency to coat the over time, which means the was through from top…all the way to the bottom. If this is a common issue with E-cigs and cigars, its no surprise to this poster that most don’t last long. Electronics Liquids=A Bad Thing. Dying atomizers may just as easily be caused by an arcing circuit as they are by overheating. Since I have suffered neither, this is only speculation on my part but waterproofing the chambers between the ’s innards and filled cartridges is a matter of huge concern for e-cig manufacturers and the public that uses them…or it should be!

Expense. Actually, this was a lot more expensive for me to do (for one month) than hand rolling, so I feel obliged to add it. While others who smoke pre-packed cigs regularly will probably see returns on their investment in the first month, for now, e-smoking is almost 4 times as pricey as handrolling. Depending on the life of the unit, and my decision whether or not to upgrade to a better model, that price may change.

Final Thoughts:

This experiment into e-smoking has been more than I expected, and better than I’d hoped. I’m confident when I say I owe much of that to the Crown7 E-’s performance. For those interested in an entry level electronic smoking device, I would suggest the Crown7 e- for both its price and performance.

Thank you for reading.|||

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