Cover Your Hole!

Posted in Tips & Tricks by atomizer on the November 8th, 2008

In the past few weeks I have been experimenting with covering the hole on the atomiser when dragging.

I usually start with the e cig by putting my finger over the hole and sucking in hard.Then i take my finger off the hole.
With new e liquid loaded this usually produces a lot of vapour, so much so that your throat can hurt.The atomiser seems to super heat and my e cig led light warns I have inhaled too much.

Sometimes you will get no vapour and sometimes the vapour can smell bad.

You can experiment too by tapping on the hole with your finger as you inhale and seeing if that works well.

Anyone else tried this ?|||None of mine have a hole.|||As I understand it, these holes are there to keep your from overheating, so be careful not to burn out your .|||Thanks for that tip.I thought that was the case as the atomiser seems to heat up
an awful lot when you do it.I find it good to do once or twice to get things going.


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