Building a Homemade Atomizer

Posted in Tips & Tricks by miniecigarette on the November 8th, 2008

Hi there,

I’ve got a load of e-cig cartridges knocking about, but unfortunetly my is dead. So I got thinking, it can’t be that hard to build a homemade convection . Has any body tried this? Plans to share?


St.|||Unless this is your idea of fun .. it begs the question: Why?

Replacements aren’t expensive. And the workings are delicate, especially for smaller products. Invent us a better fuel injector for our cars …|||I thought the USA was the home of enginuity - yes it is my idea of creative fun. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

St.|||I also thought about that but I couldn’t find any howtos.
EDIT: I meant I thought about building an , not that America were the home of ingenuity :P
You may want to search for instructions to build a nebulizer or a device for nebulization..
||| |||Klaue why not just build a vapo room. You could just step in and breathe deeply.
For the traveller you could do a vapo hood - same principal but just around your head |||Great idea. Michael Jackson has a used oxygenator thing that would be perfect. Just lie in there — put in some UV tubes so you tan at the same time — and breathe atomized vapors. Or I could convert my wife’s hair dryer hood so it covers my entire head, then mist out vapors while I relax with the large-print edition of Reader’s Digest.

Several months ago I (jokingly) suggested we just wear the units like an oxygen backpack, with twin plastic tubes leading up to our nostrils. In Florida, we’d fit right in with all the lifetime smokers who can’t shuffle three feet without being out of breath. And we wonder why the lines move so slowly for the Early Bird Specials.||| ||| |||i think step one is figuring out how to deposit aluminum oxide on a copper wire(or other conductor).

That is that part i have no idea how to do.

any ideas?


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