Asthma and e smoking

Posted in Health, Safety and E-Smoking by penstyle on the November 5th, 2008

As an asthma sufferer, I was just curious if anyone else here was too, and how you have felt since moving away from the "dark side". When I was smoking normal cigs, I would use my inhaler at least 4 times a day, wake up most mornings needing a good dose of ventolin before I could even light up! Now on the other hand I use my inhaler about once a week at the most (sometimes not at all!)

Of the occasional attacks i get now, the majority of them are usually caused by a big chest hit from a fresh cart or from a newly dripped , but I still feel better than I have done in a long time! Surely this could be more proof of how safe these ruddy marvelous potentially are! |||If science can only embrace the possibilities of this … asthma sufferers and others could possibly get medically beneficial ingredients delivered in the vapor carrying the . This breakthrough in economical delivery holds such great promise to help so many, if only the fanatics will let it develop.

Good to hear that you’ve improved using e-. It’s another argument in favor of keeping these vaporizing available and affordable to all.||| |||It is already confirmed from my clinical trials , none of my asthmatic patients who use this device has a recurrent attack or an attack which need a assistance..they have improved a lot…massive drop in episodes of asthma attack…I am glad to find this device helpful for all irrespective whether you have asthma or not…it shows it’s benefits… |||hi trigger.yeah i have asthma too,and i used to use my inhaler before,after-and sometimes during-a fag as needed…ive been exclusively e-smoking for a long time now,and the difference is more wheezing like a bag of cats!looking back,it was scary what regular smoking was doing to my lungs,now that i see the a fellow sufferer im sure you understand what i mean.|||

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